Breaking News, 17th of June, 2018


Today in Gaza Strip, an Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked the car of the leader of a group of radicals that launched burning kites recently in an attempt to cause fires in Israel. «Last night, the Israeli Defense Forces attacked a vehicle belonging to one of the leaders of the cells that launch incendiary and explosive balloons and kites in the northern part of the Gaza Strip» — the statement announced. The military explained that «They gave a warning to Palestinians to cease such launches in the recent days» — and the airstrike was made to demonstrate the tougher reaction of Israel regarding the actions of Palestinians. There is no information about the victims and the injured after the attack of the Israeli Air Forces.

Angela Merkel wants to assemble an emergency summit on the topic of the illegal migrants, »Bild» reports while citing sources in the governments of several EU countries. While the summit is still at the planning stage — the publication reports that the meeting may take place on the next weekend. It is possible that Angela Merkel wants to hold these talks before the assembly of EU countries that is planned for 26th of June. «Nothing has been decided yet, we are at the planning stage. It is unknown when exactly this extraordinary summit can take place» — the newspaper quotes a representative of the Italian government. It is assumed that the representatives of the states that are most affected by the influx of illegal migrants will be invited to the summit. Earlier, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini announced that his country will no longer accept illegal migrants.

This morning, the police of the city of Kiev detained 56 nationalists who went to the streets to prevent the «March of Equality» — an action organized by the LGBT community. «At about six o’clock, more than 150 people entered the intersection of Vladimirskaya Street and Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, and blocked the road before the ‘Equality March’. The police officers spoke with the nationalists, but they refused to free the passage. In order to avoid the provocations and possible clashes — the pushed them out of the way» — the police of Kiev explained. The police department specified that the nationalists resisted the police and used gas cartridges on them. According to the police, 56 people were detained; five police officers needed medical assistance afterwards. Later, a clash broke out between the LGBT activists and the nationalists near the »Kiev Opera» Hotel.

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