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US President Trump allowed a number of countries to apply for additional quotas for the export of steel and aluminum to the United States, if the US domestic market lacks American steel, the US Department of Commerce reported. According to Wilbur Ross, US Secretary of Commerce, this decision by Donald Trump gives the agency an opportunity to «make allowances for quotas» like the already existing opportunity for making exceptions to the established tariffs, TASS reports. Back in March, Donald Trump introduced duties on imports of steel and aluminum in the US.

In the Syrian city of Afrin, located in the north of the province of Aleppo, currently controlled by the Turkish army, an explosion took place. A car bomb exploded in a crowd of pro-Turkish fighters. It was assumed that the attack was made by the cells of the Kurdish militia »Falcons of Afrin» that operate in the area. As the result of the attack — at least eight people were killed, many were seriously wounded.

The preparations of the US military in the Middle East region suggest that new missile strikes against Syria are likely to happen, Interfax reported while citing a statement by the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry — Maria Zakharova. According to her, the strike group of the United States and their allies, France and Britain, currently located in the Middle East is capable of striking Syria. The group has about 70 weapon platforms, including 380 air-launched cruise missiles, as well as two USS destroyers «Karni» and «Ross,» each one has 28 Tomahawk missiles on board. Maria Zakharova underlined that the group can be made even stronger within a day.

the US will discuss with India the possible purchase of Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile systems «at the highest level», Interfax reports while citing a statement made by US Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia — Randall Shriver. According to him, the possible purchase of the S-400 is «problematic» for the United States for a number of reasons. «We are strongly in favor of finding an alternative option, and conducting an analysis on whether or not we can be a partner of India in this matter, and meet their defense needs» — said Randall Shriver. At the same time, Randall Shriver admitted that India is a friendly state for the US, and India can make their own decisions.

Washington sent a request to the World Trade Organization for consultations with Russia, the WTO press service announced. The claims of Washington are related to the custom duties that Moscow imposed on the imports of a number of American goods. The request is the first step in the procedure of filing a lawsuit within the organization. The United States indicate that Russia does not apply duties on similar goods from other WTO members. Russia introduced new import duties on a number of American goods. This measure was a response to the US-imposed custom duties on steel and aluminum.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria. In the province of Idlib, as well as in the western part of Aleppo, the underground ISIS groups continue their activities. They carry out subversive activities in the areas occupied by Islamists. Meanwhile, the Syrian army attacked the military installations of Islamists on the north-west of the provincial administrative center. According to SANA agency — the artillery regiments of government forces struck the military targets of Islamists on the outskirts of the village of Bayanun.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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