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Breaking News, 7th of September, 2018

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria with a reference to SANA agency: After Syrian President, Bashar Assad, refused to listen to the US, and stop the elimination of the pro-American terrorists in Idlib — the western coalition is preparing their attacks on Syria. Their activity is being restrained only by the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean sea. Aside from the fleets of Russia, US, UK, France, Germany and Italy — there are also warships of Israel, Greece and Egypt currently present in the Mediterranean. On 7th of September, Iran will host a meeting for the leaders of Turkey, Russia, and Iran. The meeting will hold the talks on the participation of countries in the final defeat of the terrorists in the province of Idlib.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Washington is expecting India to completely stop buying oil from Iran by November. Pompeo reminded that by 4th of November — sanctions will be imposed on Iranian oil, which the Indians »have been consistently reminded about», TASS reports. «We expect that each country will reduce the purchase of Iranian oil to zero. Otherwise, the sanctions will be imposed»- the NDTV television channel quotes Mike Pompeo.

ISIS attacked an Iraqi convoy, moving from Bagdad to Ramadi. After the attack — the Islamists claimed 12 destroyed army vehicles and 4 dead soldiers. The press service of the Iraqi Army announced the death of 5 soldiers as a result of the incident.

The representative of the American delegation of public figures in Crimea, Silvia Demarest, announced that the Crimean peninsula had become part of Russia legally. «I am a lawyer. I fully understand that what happened in Crimea back in 2014 was the legitimate will of the people. It was their expression of their right of self-determination. Everything was done within the framework of the law.» — she told to RIA NEWS and added that upon her return to the US — she will speak about the real situation on the peninsula. As we reported earlier, a delegation of four representatives of the American organization «Center for Civil Initiatives» arrived to Crimea for a three-day visit.

The Syrian and Russian Air Forces continue their attacks on the jihadists in the southern province of Idlib. Another air attack was carried out on the defenses of terrorists near the village of Khbit. Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, General Konashenkov, confirmed that the Russian Air Forces have joined the action on the side of the air forces of their Syrian allies in the area.

According to the results of the international forum «Army-2018», Ros-oboron-export signed contracts for 40 billions of rubles. The new products of the Russian military-industrial complex will be put into the service of the active army in the coming years. Representatives from 118 states, including NATO countries, visited the forum. They paid particular attention to military robots, and virtual training systems for soldiers.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.



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