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Breaking News, August 16th, 2017

The Ukrainian sniper has opened fire on the repair crew near the checkpoint “Mayorsk” in the north of Gorlovka. There are no casualties.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled 23 localities in the Donetsk People’s Republic. They used artillery, mortars, tanks, grenade launchers and small arms. 2 houses were damaged in the west of Donetsk and Dokuchaevsk. 5 villages in the south of the Republic remain without electricity.

2 reconnaissance and sabotage groups tried to attack the positions of the DPR in the village Kominternovo. They used air drones to execute mortar fire, Eduard Basurin reported today.

Kiev fighters shelled the positions of the LPR People’s Militia 6 times. They opened fire on the localities Sokolniki, Nizhnee Lozovoe, Kalinovo and Kalinovka. They used mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms; it has been reported by the Ministry of Defense.