Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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In Crimea, agents of the FSB stopped the activities of an extremist group created by an assistant of a parliamentarian of the Ukrainian parliament,

Civilians of Gorlovka and nearby settlements were under Ukrainian fire once again. Kiev forces sought to cause maximum civilian casualties - this is evidenced

Turkish intelligence agencies, together with the local intelligence forces of the Balkan countries, are working together in order to verify information about an assassination

Iranian President, Hasan Rouhani, called for the introduction of political and trade sanctions against Israel and the United States during the emergency summit of

North Korea can stop the dialogue with South Korea, announced the chairman of the North Korean Peace Committee, Lee Song Gwon. He criticized South

The European Union summit decided to support the deal with Iran and protect European enterprises from the actions of the United States, French President

1) The Crimea Today, an automobile traffic has been officially opened along the Crimean bridge from both sides of the Kerch Strait. Yesterday Vladimir Putin

The deputy of the head of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, Khalil al-Khaya, called the death of dozens of Palestinians in this

The ceremony of the opening of the US Embassy in Israel will take place today in Jerusalem, Interfax reports. The Embassy was moved there

An unknown person attacked the passers-by with a knife in the center of Paris. According to preliminary data, two people were killed and several

Singapore President of the United States Donald Trump and leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Un will make a joint statement about the end of

During the Israeli attack on Syria on the night of 10th of May, a single Anti-Air vehicle "Pantsir-S1" was destroyed. In the official Twitter

A Russian helicopter KA-52 crashed during the scheduled flight over the eastern regions of Syria. Russia stated that the bodies of two dead pilots

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, The president of Germany, believes that the dissolution of a nuclear deal with Iran could lead to a war. Steinmeier, in an

The Air Forces of Iraq performed a series of air strikes in Syria, on the positions of the command of the terrorist group "Islamic

The US delegation, led by Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, completed two-day talks with Chinese officials, but the parties could not agree on ending the

During a plenary meeting of the Inter-American Committee on Combating Terrorism in the city of Washington - a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry,

China has deployed anti-ship cruise missiles, anti-aircraft missile systems and electronic warfare systems on the three islands of the Spratly archipelago, whose territorial affiliation

The Syrian news agency SANA reported that military bases in the north of Syria, in the vicinity of Khama and Aleppo, were subjected to