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Colloqui USA e talebani in Qatar La RPDC ha nuovamente lanciato diversi missili, secondo quanto riportato dall’agenzia di stampa Yonhap in riferimento al comando militare sudcoreano. Secondo i militari, la Corea del Nord ha lanciato due [...] Подробнее the US and the Taliban negotiations in Qatar The DPRK launched several missiles once again — the Yonhap news agency reported with a reference to the South Korean military command. According to their data, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic [...] Подробнее Turkey will conduct a new military operation in Syria 1 Turkey — Syria The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Ankara will conduct a military operation against the Kurdish opposition forces in Syria, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates — [...] Подробнее Ukrainian troops hinder the flights of the OSCE drones The Ukrainian forces blocked the work of UAV of the OSCE in seven or so settlements, located on the demarcation line — said the deputy head of the DPR People’s Militia Department, Eduard Basurin. “Over the [...] Подробнее North Korea conducted new missile tests Korea’s Central Telegraph Agency revealed the details of the missile launches on 31st of July. The agency reported that the North Korean officials, scientists, and engineers proudly conducted »the first test [...] Подробнее A ceasefire was introduced in Syria The Syrian authorities agreed on a ceasefire in the Idlib DMZ starting from the night of 2nd of August. According to the Syrian media — Damascus agreed on this step only if all parties comply with the terms of [...] Подробнее Syria consultations has began in Nur Sultan On Wednesday, the US authorities added Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister, to the SDN List — «Interfax» reports. The sanctions block all the assets of the Iranian minister in the USA, if there are [...] Подробнее Breaking News Подробнее Libyan forces of the government of the national consent won’t stop fighting 1 Russia — Iran The Russian Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces signed a memorandum on the expansion of the bilateral relations — the commander of the Iranian Navy, Hossein [...] Подробнее Breaking News, 29th of July, 2019 1 Libya The Libyan National Army under the leadership of Marshal Khalifa Haftar launched the second stage of the attack on the Libyan capital of Tripoli — RIA NEWS reports with a reference on the statement of [...] Подробнее Ukrainian forces lay mines in the territory near the contact line 1 The Ukrainian troops lay landmines in the areas, near the contact line in Donbass — the head of the press service of the People’s Militia of the DRP, Daniel Bezsonov, announced. Earlier, the acting [...] Подробнее Fire in a children’s camp The Central Election Commission of Ukraine hasn’t noticed any serious violations during the early elections to the Ukrainian parliament. The elections were declared as valid. This was stated by the head of the [...] Подробнее L’Iran a testé un missile ballistique Подробнее Iran ran a test of a ballistic missile Подробнее Director of the ‘Holdomi’ tent camp was arrested 1 Turkey — Belarus The counselor of the Embassy of Belarus in Turkey, Alexander Poganshev, received gunshot wounds after an attack of a mentally unbalanced former military man. The diplomat is in serious [...] Подробнее
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