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Israel attacked the Gaza Strip

On the night from Thursday to Friday, the Israeli army attacked about a 100 of targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the rocket attack on Tel Aviv, launched from Palestine — a spokesman for the Israeli army, Avihi Edri announced. “In response to the rocket attack on Israel — about 100 terrorist targets all over the Gaza Strip were destroyed” — RIA NEWS quotes his words. Israel blamed the attack on the Hamas movement that rules the enclave. On Thursday evening, 2 rockets from the Gaza Strip were launched at the city of Tel Aviv. The air-raid sirens sounded in the city as a result. Five more rockets were launched by the Palestinians at the southern Israel.

2 the DPRK — the United States

The DPRK authorities are considering a decision to suspend the further negotiations with the USA on the nuclear disarmament — said Choi Sun-hee, the deputy foreign minister of the DPRK. “We have no intention to make concessions to the US demands in any form whatsoever. We especially don’t want to conduct such negotiations in the first place”- TASS quotes her words. She underlined that in the near future, Kim Jong-un plans to make an official statement about his decision on the further actions of the DPRK after the unsuccessfully concluded summit in Hanoi. Back then, Kim Jong-un offered Donald Trump to dismantle the nuclear center in Yongbyon in exchange for a partial lifting of the international sanctions. The USA considered the DPRK’s concessions insufficient. As the result — the summit ended ahead of schedule, and without agreements.

3 the Russian border

«The NATO are sending troops to the Russian border» — said Mikhail Popov, the deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council. According to him — over the last two years, the number of NATO rapid reaction forces increased from 25,000 to 40,000 servicemen. He stated that the military dangers, coming from the United States and NATO, are forming military threats for Russia. Mikhail Popov also reminded that the multinational reinforced tactical battalion groups of up to a 1,000 servicemen each were deployed in the Baltic countries. The NATO are bringing back the system of the transatlantic redeployment of forces that existed during the Cold War. The troops are being send from the USA and Canada to Europe, in order to deploy large groups of troops on the border with Russia. Earlier, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called to not consider the expansion of the NATO to the east as a provocation against Russia.

4 the USA

The USA started the production of components, needed for the testing of non-nuclear ground-based missiles, banned by the INF treaty — TASS reports while citing the statement of the official representative of the US Department of Defense — lieutenant-colonel Michel Baldanza. «By using the funds, allocated by the Congress in the fiscal year of 2019 — the USA began the production of components for the testing of non-nuclear ground-based missiles at their development stage» — said Michel Baldanza. She refused to give the specific dates of the tests.



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