Japan called the Kurils to be suitable for the US AA systems || Breaking News, 5th of February, 2019


Tehran will never agree to the terms of ‘INSTEX’ — a transaction system proposed to Iran by the European countries — Tasnim agency reports while referring the Iranian judicial authority, Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani. “After 9 months of delays and negotiations, the Europeans created a transaction system with limited capabilities. It was made not for the exchange of money, but for food and medicine” — RIA NEWS quotes Larijani. He mentioned two “strange conditions” needed for the implementation of the system. The mandatory accession of Iran to the inter-governmental organization made to combat the money laundering, and Iranian entry into the negotiations on Iranian missile program. He called those conditions humiliating, and ensured that «Iran will never accept them». Earlier it was reported that Europe officially registered INSTEX — a transaction system for Iran that bypasses the US sanctions.

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko announced that the Ukrainian ships «certainly» will pass through the Kerch Strait once again, and on those ships there could be OSCE experts and journalists — TASS reports. “I won’t tell ‘when’, since only volunteers will participate. I won’t rule out that there will be journalists, OSCE experts, and perhaps the First Vice-Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Irina Gerashchenko — at her own insistent request” — said Petro Poroshenko on the ICTV channel, and added that these initiatives will be considered. According to him — the ‘volunteers’ are going to «defend the freedom of seafaring»

The main negotiator of the EU for Brexit, Michelle Barnier, said on Monday that Brussels won’t return to the discussion of the terms of the Brexit — Interfax reports. «We have an opinion that the issue of the British exit from the EU can’t be re-opened. The back-up plan is the only working solution for the Irish border» — Michelle Barnier said on Twitter after his meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte . “The EU is ready to work on the alternative solutions during the transition period” — he added.

Russia is ready to help Tajikistan to maintain and enhance their borders, and equip their armed forces so they can counter the threats from Afghanistan — said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. After the negotiations with his Tajik counterpart, Sirojiddin Mukhriddin, Sergey Lavrov announced that Russia is ready to help Tajikistan. The help is already being provided in the matters of «technical re-equipment of their armed forces, and enhancement of their state borders for the sake of countering of the threats from Afghanistan» — RIA NEWS reports.

The southern islands of the Kuril Ridge, the ones that Tokyo wants, are “an ideal place to deploy the American missile defense systems in order to protect the United States and Japan from North Korean ballistic missiles” — the ‘Japan Business Press’ reports. Their journalists are confident that in order to increase the chances of shooting down a ballistic missile — one would need to strike it during the early stage after the launch itself — right before the separation of the warheads. Thus, the island of Iturup is the most suitable place for the deployment of the missile defense systems, RIA NEWS reports. “The ballistic missiles launched from the DPRK at the United States will fly north-east, above the Primorsky Territory of Russia. In order to hit those missiles during the beginning of their final stage — it is necessary to launch an anti-ballistic missile from an area to the north-east of Hokkaido” — the media explains while adding that Iturup will also need to be integrated into the US missile defense system that protects Europe from Iran. In addition, the Japan Business Press admits that the US missile defense systems, deployed on those islands, will make it possible to track the launches of Russian missiles from the Sea of Okhotsk better.

The US Navy command intends to send LHA-6 «America» on the US Navy base ‘Sasebo’ on the Japanese island of Kyushu. The USS America is capable of carrying F-35Bs, CV-22 Ospreys, various helicopters, and up to 1,700 Marines — TASS reports with a reference to ‘The Japan News’. According to their data, the USS America will replace the USS Wasp. It is assumed that the LHA will be send to the US for the repairs and re-equipment. According to The Japan News — the transfer of the USS America, an LHA with characteristics of a light aircraft carrier, is aimed to enhance the US naval group in the Far East, and increase their military pressure on China.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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