London returns to the military strategy against Russia


British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson announced that his department intends to return to the Cold War era strategy, aimed to counter Russian threats. According to him, a special department will be re-launched in the defense ministry — they will monitor the threats from hostile countries, namely Russia, Iran and China. This department was created in the early 1980s. After the start of the so-called ‘perestroika’ in the USSR — the department was disbanded, RIA NEWS reports while citing Bloomberg. At this time, this department will assess the combat readiness of the armed forces of the UK. According to Gavin Williamson, the training of marines has been enhanced as a part of Norway’s Arctic program after the increase of the activity of Russian submarines in the Arctic area, which “has almost reached the level of the Cold War». In addition, according to the program — British warships, submarines and helicopters will be upgraded. Considerable attention will be paid to offensive cyber operations.

Agents of the FSB eliminated ISIS members in the city of Stavropol — they were suspected of preparing an attack. “During the arrest — the bandits put up an armed resistance to the FSB. The return fire neutralized the ISIS members» — TASS quotes the message from the public relations center of the FSB. The agents of the FSB were not injured. A criminal case has been opened under the article of «an attempted attack by an organized group», «participation in the activities of a terrorist organization», and «illegal circulation of weapons and ammunition.»

The Scottish National Party, along with the Liberal Democrats, the Wales Party, and the Green Party, submitted a petition to the parliament to vote on the issue of no confidence to the Prime Minister Theresa May, Interfax reported. «While Labor is hesitating and postponing — we will not!» — the party said on Wednesday on Twitter. On 18th of December, the Parliament of Great Britain refused to discuss the question of a vote of no confidence to the Prime Minister Theresa May. It was introduced by the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, in connection with the postponement of the vote on the Brexit agreement.

“The purchase of American ‘Patriot’ systems by Turkey won’t affect the agreement between Russia and Turkey on the supply of S-400s” — said Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “These processes are not related. In this case, we are implementing the agreements that we already have with Turkey” — he explained. Dmitry Peskov underlined that the contract on the S-400s «is underway», and it will continue. In addition, when asked to comment on the rumors of possible admission of the US technical personnel to S-400s in Turkey — he replied that the Russian-Turkish contract on S-400s obliges Ankara to not disclose certain sensitive information related to this cooperation.

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