NATO monitors the situation in the Sea of ​​Azov Breaking News, 13th of December, 2018


The conservative members of the British Parliament, during a vote on Wednesday evening, showed their confidence in the country’s prime minister and the leader of their own party, Theresa May, Interfax reported. According to the official results announced by the parliament, 200 people voted for Theresa May. 117 called for a vote of no confidence. Theresa May needed only 158 votes to win. Earlier on Wednesday she made a statement that she intends to stand in the vote, and she warned about the negative consequences in case of changing of the party leader for the UK during the Brexit. A bit later, according to British media, she also said that she doesn’t intend to lead the Conservatives in the parliamentary elections of 2022.

On Thursday, a high-speed train en route from Ankara to Konya, in Turkey, got off the rails — TASS reports while referring Haberturk TV channel. As a result — at least 4 people died. 43 were injured. The train collided with a shunting locomotive that was moving on the same rails. As a result of the collision, several train wagons were overturned. 2 more train wagons collided with an overhead pedestrian crossing.

On Wednesday, the US Senate passed a resolution calling on the US president, Donald Trump, to stop all military support to the participants of the armed conflict in Yemen, TASS reports. The resolution underlines that the only exception should be the military operations in the region against the Al-Qaida group. The congressmen essentially called for a halt of any support for the coalition led by Saudi Arabia that is participating in the fighting in Yemen on the side of the government. Resolutions of the US Congress are purely declarative in their nature. Their implementations are optional.

The FSB of Russia stopped the activity of a group that was funding, under the disguise of charity, the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, Interfax reports. «On 11th of December, within the framework of a criminal case, searches were conducted in the homes of suspects located on the territory of Moscow, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan. A significant number of bank cards, involved in the financing of the terrorism, were found. Also — extremist books, instructions on purchase of equipment and telephone SIM cards» — FSB told in a statement. According to that statement — 7 people were detained. According to the special services — they transferred more than 38 million rubles to the terrorists since 2016. Their activities were stopped jointly by the FSB of Russia, the Investigative Committee and the Federal Service of the National Guards.

Moscow declared the Slovak military diplomat to be a ‘persona non grata’ in response to the expulsion of the Russian diplomat by Bratislava, said the spokeswoman of Russian Foreign Ministry — Maria Zakharova. According to her, the Slovak military diplomat should leave the territory of Russia within 2 days. The Slovak Ambassador in Moscow was given a corresponding notice on 11th of December. Back in early December, the Slovak Prime Minister, Peter Pellegrini, announced Bratislava’s decision to expel the Russian diplomat, allegedly involved in espionage activities.

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