New US sanctions against Venezuela


The G-20 summit, planned for the November of 2020, will be held in Riyadh. According to the ‘Interfax’, which quotes the agency ‘Al Arabiya’, for first time in history the G20 will be held in an Arab state. The summit will be chaired by the King of Saudi Arabia — Salman ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud. The G-20 includes the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, the EU, Japan, China, South Korea, India, Turkey, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Russia. The nearest G20 summit will The US will routinely deploy large groups of strategic bombers abroad — said the head of the US Air Force global strike command, General Timothy Ray, while commenting the transfer of B-52s to the UK. “The whole world should pay attention to this, since we will be transferring the bombers not only to Europe. We will keep moving them to the operational zone of the Central Command, to the Pacific Ocean, to many areas.”- TASS quotes Timothy Ray. The general called such actions «dynamic force application» that is necessary for the «extended deterrence». According to him — the transfer of the bombers took place due to the new rivalry of the great powers.

The United States imposed sanctions against the Central Bank of Venezuela, limited the amount of remittances to Cuba, and expanded the list of organizations associated with the Cuban authorities. This was announced today by the Assistant to the US President for the National Security — John Bolton. “I am pleased to announce new sanctions against the Central Bank of Venezuela, designed to limit the US transactions with their bank, and prohibit their access to the US dollars” — TASS quoted John Bolton. According to him, the new measures will also help “to divert American dollars from the Cuban regime — from its military and the security services that control the tourist industry of Cuba”. John Bolton added that the United States imposed sanctions against the Nicaraguan bank »Bancorp», and the son of the country’s president — Daniel Ortega. He concluded that those three Latin American countries — Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua — will inevitably collapse.

The NATO naval group, consisting of the American destroyer Gravely and the frigates of Turkish, Spanish and Polish navies entered the Baltic Sea — RIA NEWS reports with a reference to the Russian Ministry of Defense. In order to swiftly respond to the possible emergency situations in the Baltic Sea — the Russian Baltic Fleet is taking a set of measures in order to monitor the actions of the NATO warships. Russian naval strike groups, coastal missile systems «Bastion» and «Ball», as well as the naval aircraft are now monitoring their designated zones of responsibilities.

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