The terrorists do not let the locals out of Idlib


1 Syria

«The anti-government groups in the province of Idlib, in north of Syria, do not allow the local residents to enter the government-controlled territories» — said the Syrian Army brigadier general, Nabil Abdullah, responsible for the organization of the humanitarian corridor. «The roads leading to the checkpoint are blocked. The residents can’t leave due to the threat of execution. The terrorists use the civilians as human shields» — RIA NEWS quoted the general. The checkpoint ‘Abu al-Duhur’, which was closed from March to December 2018, was re-opened on 13th of September, with the help from the Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties. During this time, almost 45,000 people left the Idlib DMZ.

2 Yemen

The coalition led by Saudi Arabia, has announced the start of an offensive operation on the Houthi positions, located to the north from the port city of Hodeida, in east of Yemen — TASS reports while citing the Reuters. According to the Reuters — the airstrikes will be performed on «military targets». The coalition representatives urge the civilians to avoid staying near the designated targets. On the night of 14th of September the two largest oil refineries of the Saudi national oil company »Saudi Aramco» in Abkaik and Hurais were attacked. The attack significantly affected the oil production in Saudi Arabia. The Ansar Allah movement claimed the responsibility for that attack.

3 the USA — the Middle

East Following a recent attack on the oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, the US Defence Department may send additional missile and air defense systems to the Middle East, as well as fighter jets, and scouting equipment — The Wall Street Journal reports. According to the sources of The Wall Street Journal — the US Central Command proposes to deploy additional Patriot AA missile systems, THAAD missile defense systems, and fighter squadrons to the Middle East. They are planned to be deployed at the »Prince Sultan» Air Base, located east of Riyadh.

4 Russia — the USA

Moscow takes the statement of the US Air Force Commander in Europe General Jeffrey Harrigan about the possibility of a breakthrough of the Kaliningrad air defense system as a threat towards Russia — the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced. She also noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry «considers such statements to be completely irresponsible». Maria Zakharova added that such statements are made because of the political, conjunctural and possibly electoral reasons. Earlier, Jeffrey Harrigan announced that Russian anti-aircraft, anti-ship and ground-based missiles in the Kaliningrad region could threaten most of the NATO. In this regard, the US Air Force prepared a plan for breaking through the local Russian air defense systems.

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