Tramp: «Iran is finished»


Donald Trump threatened to crack down on Iran if Iran continues making threats towards Washington, thus provoking a conflict. “If Iran wants a fight — then Iran is officially finished. Never threaten the United States again” — he twitted. At the same time, he noted that he is against a war with Iran. “I don’t want to fight. But in the situation with Iran it’s simply impossible to allow them to have nuclear weapons. It’s impossible to let this happen” — the president added. Donald Trump once again called on the Iranians to sit down at the negotiating table, although he admitted that the US sanctions against Iran have serious consequences for the Iranian economy.

The American company Google suspended the provision of services and technical support to the Chinese company Huawei — Interfax reports with a reference to the Financial Times. Last week, the United States decided to include Huawei in the list of companies for which the deliveries from the US can be made only by special licenses. The US authorities believe that the Chinese company passes data to the Chinese state security agencies. Huawei will lose its access to the Google’s technology and software unless it’s publicly available. In particular — the Android OS updates, and Google software. Huawei won’t be able to install Google play and Gmail on their devices.

The Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that he is going to announce «the second most important stage of the revolution” in Armenia. He «looks forward for the nationwide support». Nikol Pashinyan urged to block the work of the courts starting from 20th of May, “so that no-one can get inside” — TASS reports. Nikol Pashinyan made this statement after the state court released the ex-President of Armenia Robert Kocharian, accused in the overthrowing of the country’s constitutional order, from the custody. He was released on Saturday. After that, Pashinyan’s supporters blocked the court buildings in the Armenian capital, and other cities.

Today, during the ceremonial meeting of the Ukrainian parliament, Vladimir Zelensky took the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people. He received the official symbols of power, and assumed the presidency over Ukraine. At the ceremonial meeting he took the oath, signed its text, and passed the oath to the head of the Constitutional Court, after which she announced the entry of the newly elected President of Ukraine into his post, in accordance with the constitution of Ukraine. She also presented Vladimir Zelensky with the official Ukrainian symbols of presidential power: the presidential mace, the official presidential stamp, and the presidential chained badge.

Vladimir Zelensky, the new president of Ukraine, announced the dissolution of the Ukrainian parliament, and early parliamentary elections within two months — TASS reports. He stated it during his first speech to the Ukrainian people, which he made in the Ukrainian Parliament immediately after taking his oath. Vladimir Zelensky urged the parliamentarians to adopt several important laws during the two remaining months of their authority. Such as depriving the parliamentarians of their immunity. He also demanded from the Ukrainian Parliament to dismiss the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Gritsak, the Prosecutor-General Yuri Lutsenko, and the Minister of Defense — Stepan Poltorak. The head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak, and all his deputies, have already submitted their resignation reports. Previously, such reports have been already submitted by the Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, and the secretary of the National Security and Defense — Alexander Turchinov.

On Sunday, the terrorists fired from a rocket launcher at the Syrian airbase Hmeimim. The air defense forces of the airbase repelled the attack — Interfax reports while citing the Russian Defense Ministry. «On Sunday, at about 20:00, six rockets were fired at the Russian airbase from the Idlib DMZ by the terrorists. The airbase’s air defense forces destroyed all the incoming rockets» — the ministry reported — “The Russian reconnaissance found the location of the terrorist MLRS on the western outskirts of the settlement of Kafer-Nobl, in the Idlib province. The terrorist MLRS was destroyed by a precise strike of the Russian air forces” — the ministry concluded. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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