Ukraine refused to sign the Steinmeier formula


1 Afghanistan

An explosion in the city of Kalat, in south of Afghanistan, killed 12 people, more than 60 were injured — the Tolo News TV channel reports. The explosive device was hidden in a parked car near the central city hospital. All the victims were civilians, patients and doctors. The building was badly damaged. Currently the wounded civilians are being transported to private clinics. The national security directorate building is near the explosion site. According to the Tolo News, the radical Taliban movement claimed the responsibility for the explosion. The Taliban promised to disrupt the presidential elections planned for late September. On 17th of September they organized explosions in Kabul and the province of Parwan. 48 people were killed, 80 were injured.

2 the UAE

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates have decided to join the international coalition made to ensure the safety of the maritime navigation in the Persian Gulf — the UAE News Agency ‘WAM’ reports. The UAE Foreign Ministry stated that the goal of this step is to support the regional and international efforts to fight the threats to the maritime shipping and the world trade. As well as ensuring the global energy security and the supply of energy resources. Currently, the coalition is made of the US, the UK, Australia, Bahrain, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

3 Russia — the UN

Russia and China have prepared, for a consideration by the UN Security Council, their own version of a resolution on the ceasefire in Idlib. According to the document — the resolution will start from midnight of 20th of September. It won’t apply to the operations against the terrorists. The project can be considered on Thursday. The discussion of the joint resolution, proposed by Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, is expected at the same time. According to their suggestion — all the parties will have to cease fire on 21st of September, at noon. The document also calls to respect the international humanitarian law, and to provide a humanitarian access.

4 the LPR

An important overpass in Lugansk was damaged by a powerful explosion — the LPR Minister of the Interior Affairs, Igor Kornet, announced. According to him — this overpass is an important one — it is being used for the bread products deliveries. The Russian humanitarian convoy, which arrived in Lugansk today, was also supposed to use the overpass. «The terrorist act was carried out by blowing up three bridge pillars. The concrete was partially destroyed, but the steel fittings withstood the explosion» — Igor Kornet specified. Currently the Prosecutor General’s Office of the LPR, together with the Ministry of the State Security and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, are conducting investigative and operational measures. The Chairman of the LPR Government, Sergey Kozlov, during a meeting of the operational HQ, instructed the law enforcement agencies of the Republic to enhance the protection of the strategically important facilities.

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