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A missile attack on Al-Quneitra

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1 Syria

The Syrian state-run news agency ‘SANA’ reported that on Friday the Israeli Air Force helicopters attacked ground targets located 40 km to the south-west from Damascus. The missile strikes were carried out from the occupied Golan Heights against a number of Syrian army positions in the province of Al-Quneitra. There is no information about the victims — only material damage was inflicted. The ‘Sham FM’ radio station reported that 5 missiles were fired at the Syrian territory. The IDF press service refused to comment on the Israeli missile attacks in Al Quneitra province — the TASS reports.

2 Syria

On Friday, the US-led Western coalition forces invaded the airspace above north-east of Syria — the Syrian news agency SANA reports. The flight took place at a low altitude above the provincial center of Hasakah, located 720 km away from Damascus, and above the nearby areas. Most of the city is under control of the Kurdish »Syrain Democratic Forces». The Syrian troops control the airport, and several city blocks where the government agencies are located.

3 Syria

On Friday, several explosions took place near the Syrian city of Homs. The governor of Homs, Talal al-Barrazi, told to the »SANA» that some terrorists attacked the military positions and the local ammo depot, located to the east of the city. “As a result, 10 civilians were injured. Only material damage was inflicted” — the governor specified. According to him — there were thick clouds of smoke above the military facility. It is currently unknown if it was a mortar shelling, or if it was a drone attack.

4 The USA — Russia

The US Special Envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, announced during a video-conference ‘Atlantic Council’, organized by Washington, that the USA invited Russia to fight the ISIS in south-west of Syria together. James Jeffrey explained that Damascus pays attention to the province of Idlib in the north-west, which made the situation in the south-west worse, and thus — the ISIS intensified their activity in that part of Syria. The US Special Representative for Syria underlined that the USA hope that Turkey will exert pressure on the terrorist groups, including the ‘Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’, that operate in the Syrian province of Idlib. James Jeffrey stated that Washington will be able to deliver humanitarian aid to Idlib with the help of Ankara. The representative of the Turkish president, Ibrahim Kalynna, noted that Ankara «is committed to the fight against these terrorist and extremist groups in order to neutralize and eliminate them».

5 Russia — Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that some of the Russian military experts, who are currently assisting in the fight against the coronavirus in Serbia, will be relocated to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was reported that on 1st of May — 5 units of special military equipment, 2 medical teams, and 4 units of radiation, chemical and biological warfare troops, a total of 25 people, will head out from Belgrade to one of the regions of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was underlined that the Russian specialists will arrive in the country by a request of the Bosnian side. The Russian military will conduct anti-epidemiological measures against the coronavirus.

6 OPEC countries +

Starting from 1st of May 1 the OPEC+ countries will reduce their oil production by almost 10 millions of barrels per day. Each country, including Russia, will reduce their oil production by about 20% during May and June. The ‘Bloomberg’ reported, while citing their sources, that on Friday Iraq began reducing their oil production from the oil fields near the city of Basra, under the OPEC+ agreement. The reduction began in the »West Qurna-2» oil field. Earlier, the Iraqi oil minister, Tamer al-Gadban, stated that from 1st of May Iraq will begin reducing their oil production by 22.8% in order to implement the new agreement, adopted by the OPEC+. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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