A new Turkish operation against the Kurds


1 Syria

The »Al Masdar» news website reported that the USA are enhancing their military presence in Syria — for this purpose the USA sent a convoy of military vehicles from Iraq to the north of Hasakah. It was reported that a convoy of 200 army trucks crossed the Syrian-Iraqi border via the ‘Al Walid’ checkpoint. The convoy delivered a large volume of American military equipment to the area of Qamishli, 800 km away from Damascus. US Army reinforcements have also arrived to the area — the »Al Masdar» specified.

2 Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense stated that the Turkish army entered the Haftanin region of Iraq, in the north of the country, as part of the new anti-terrorist operation «Tiger Claw». The operation is being carried out against the ‘Kurdistan Workers Party’. It was noted that special operations troops, combat helicopters T129, and attack UAVs are involved in the operation. Earlier on Monday, on 15th of June, Turkey carried out an operation «Eagle Claw» against the ‘Kurdistan Workers Party’ in north of Iraq. The »Al Arabiya» TV reported that the Turkish Air Force dropped about 20 bombs on the Kurdish facilities in the Sinjar Mountains, in north-west of Iraq.

3 The DPRK

A spokesman for the South Korean unification’s ministry stated that the Republic of Korea was disappointed with the DPRK’s decision to deploy military units in Kaesŏng and Kumgangsan, from where they had been previously withdrawn in accordance with the inter-Korean peace agreements. Earlier, the DPRK General Staff announced their plans to deploy DPRK army units in Kaesŏng and Kumgangsan, and to restore their guard posts in the most dangerous areas of the DMZ, that had been previously demolished by the agreement with Seoul. The DPRK also plans to resume all types of military exercises near the border with the south. The South Korean defense ministry called on the DPRK to comply with the pact on the reduction of military tensions. The news agency «Yonhap» reported, while citing a South Korean military source, that due to the growing tension between Seoul and Pyongyang — the US Air Force and Navy carried out scout flights near the borders of the DPRK.

4 Russia — Libya

On Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a press conference that the US could contribute to the start of the peace process if they use their influence on the parties of the conflict in Libya. «If the USA use their influence in the Libyan conflict in order to reinforce the efforts of Russia and other external players that advocate for an immediate ceasefire — I think that would be very, very positive» — said Sergey Lavrov. «Any constructive assistance, aimed to overcome the crisis — in Libya, Syria, or elsewhere — is very welcome» — the Russian Foreign Minister concluded.

5 India — Pakistan

On Wednesday the Indian Defense Ministry stated that the Pakistani forces once again violated a ceasefire along the control line in the Naugam sector, in Jammu and Kashmir. «On the evening of 16th of June, the Pakistani forces carried out a mortar bombardment of the Indian positions in the Naugam sector in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir» — the Indian newspaper ‘The Pioneer’ quoted the representative of the Ministry of Defense. The Indian artillery fired back. During the exhange of fire, no-one was injured on the Indian side.

6 China — India

On Wednesday the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, and the Indian Foreign Minister, Subramanyam Jaishankar, agreed on the telephone to reduce the tensions at the border as soon as possible. «The parties agreed to reduce the tension of the situation as soon as possible, as well as to ensure the peace in the border zone on the basis of the agreement, reached by the two countries» — the Chinese Foreign Ministry explained. It was reported that the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, demanded from the Indian side to conduct a proper investigation of the incident on the Chinese-Indian border. The clash between the Chinese and Indian military occurred in the Galvan valley, in Ladakh. As a result of the clash, 20 Indian soldiers died. The »ANI» news agency reported, while citing their sources, that China lost 43 people dead and wounded. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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