A protest in Kabul


1 Afghanistan

The western news agencies reported that up to 1,000 protesters gathered in the city of Kabul. They shouted anti-Pakistani slogans. The leader of the defeated resistance in Panjshir called on people to rebel against the Islamist rule in any form — by an armed resistance or protests. There were many women among the protesters in Kabul who protested against the Pakistani interference in the Afghan affairs — the ’AFP’ reported. There were demands to ensure the rights of women. Meanwhile the ’Taliban’, according to their own statements, took over the Panjshir province, and now they want to push forward the formation of the government. The leader of the resistance group in the Panjshir Valley, Ahmad Masood, stated that he will continue the guerrilla struggle against the Islamists.

2 Afghanistan

The ’Taliban’ gave invitations to Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Qatar to attend the government announcement event — the ’Al-Jazeera’ TV reported while citing a source in the Taliban. The Taliban spokesman Ahmadullah Muttaki stated on 6th of September that preparations for the proclamation of the composition of the new Afghan government have been completed. «You know that so far no decisions have been made on the recognition of the Taliban. We are still trying to understand how the promises of the Taliban — their statements — will correlate with their future actions» — Dmitry Peskov, the presidential spokesman, replied on a question about how Vladimir Putin took the Taliban’s invitation to take part in the ceremony of announcing of the new government of Afghanistan — the RIA NEWS reported.

3 Israel — The Gaza Strip

On Tuesday night, in a response to the launch of balloons with flammable substances and explosives, the Israeli fighters attacked a weapons workshop and a military camp of the radical Palestinian movement ’Hamas’ in the Gaza Strip — the TASS reported. According to the Israeli state-run radio ’Kan’ — on 6th of September, several fires broke out in the farm lands near the border with the Gaza Strip. On 21st of May a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian radicals in the Gaza Strip entered into force. Currently, work is underway on a permanent ceasefire between the parties of the conflict, with an active mediation of Egypt.

4 Afghanistan

Authorities of the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar announced the arrest of 80 ISIS terrorists — the RIA NEWS reported. The ’Taliban’ have raided the homes of people associated with the ’ISIS’ over the past 3 days, resulting in the arrest of 6 people. Over the past week, the ’Taliban’ have closed 6 educational institutions in Jalalabad, the provincial capital, that may be linked to the ’ISIS’ — the spokesman of the ousted government stated.

5 Syria

The SANA news agency reported on the continuation of the procedures for the settlement of status, and the transfer of weapons in the center in the Al-Arbain quarter of the Daraa Al-Balad region as part of the implementation of the government-proposed reconciliation agreement, which provides the end of the control of the terrorists, and the restoration of security and stability. The handed-over weapons include large quantities of ammo, RPG rounds, thousands of AK rounds, also machine guns and various automatic rifles.

6 South Korea

South Korea launched a ballistic missile from a submarine — the ’Yonhap’ news agency reported. South Korea became the first state without a nuclear arsenal capable of launching ballistic missiles from submarines. Until now, only 7 countries in the world have launched ballistic missiles from submarines — Russia, the USA, China, the UK, France, India, and North Korea. All of these countries have nuclear arsenals. The South Korean Defense Ministry stated that it can’t confirm the information for the security reasons. Last week the ministry released the plans for the years 2022-2026, part of which is the development of new missiles with «significantly increased destructive power». Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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