A rebellion of the servicemen was crushed in Venezuela


French President Emmanuel Macron announced that despite the protests of the French population — he will continue his reforms. «The resolution of the crisis isn’t in the abandoning of what we have done for the past 18 months» — Macron said during a dinner at Versailles which he organized for the representatives of Microsoft, Snapchat, JPMorgan Chase & Co. The French president explained that in his opinion, the protests of the «yellow vests» are a part of the concern of the middle class related to the globalization, that led to the Brexit in the UK, and to the growing influence of the populist parties in Germany and Italy.

On Tuesday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin will negotiate with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He is currently in Moscow, on a working visit, TASS reports. «It is planned to discuss the state and perspectives of the development of the bilateral cooperation in the political, trade, economic and humanitarian matters» — the Kremlin press service told to the reporters. Given the previously reached agreements between the politicians — they are expected to consider issues related to the peace treaty between the two countries. Both sides believe that the topic will be the main one during the negotiations. Putin and Abe will also exchange their views on the most pressing issues of the international and regional agenda.

The number of sailors, perished in the fire on the two burning ships in the Black Sea went up to 14 people, said Sergey Aksenov, the Head and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea. He explained that because of the low temperature of the seawater — there is almost no chance of finding survivors. As it was previously reported — the two ships, »Candy» and »Maestro», were anchored in the neutral waters under the flag of Tanzania. They caught fire on Monday evening, 15 nautical miles off the coast of the Crimean peninsula. The gas tankers were carrying liquefied gas. They were loaded with the gas in the seaport of Temryuk. There were 32 citizens of Turkey and India on board. According to the rescue teams — by Tuesday morning, 10 people died, 10 people were missing, and 12 people were saved. Currently, both ships are still afloat, and burning.

After a group of servicemen failed their attempt to initiate a rebellion — the participants of the anti-government protests in the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas, clashed with the police — TASS reports with a reference to ‘El Nacional’. The police used tear gas and other special means to disperse the protesters. One of the main centers of the protest remains the area of Mesedores, in the north-west of Caracas. The local residents blocked several roads with burning tires. According to ‘El Nacional’ — the authorities sent about 300 National Guard soldiers with special equipment to that part of the city.

Harry Harris, the US ambassador to the Republic of Korea, during his meeting with the administration of the Korean president, demanded to significantly increase the spending of Seoul on the maintenance of the American military contingent, TASS reports with a reference to the TV channel KBS. According to governmental sources of the KBS — Harry Harris «Underlined the need for the earliest possible signing of another agreement on the allocation of the funds». He warned that otherwise the USA «may rethink the bilateral agreement on the mutual defense.» Earlier, US President Donald Trump demanded from the South Korean ally to double their contribution on the maintenance of the American troops, which caused serious objections in Seoul.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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