A reconnaissance group of nationalists was destroyed in the Kiev region // Peaceful life returns to Kherson


1 Donbass

The DPR’s People’s Militia liberated the village of Novobakhmutovka, in the Yasinovatskii district — the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, reported during a briefing. “During the on-going offensive, the DPR forces captured a local enemy fortified area, and liberated the settlement of Novobakhmutovka. During the fighting, up to a company of the 25th Ukrainian Airborne Brigade was destroyed” — the Russian Ministry of Defense specified.

2 Donbass

«The LPR forces advanced towards the settlement of Novotoshkivske while the Russian Air Force attacked a Ukrainian forces command post near the city of Lisichansk» — the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, reported on a briefing on 4th of April. «The LPR forces went 2 kilometers deep into the enemy territory. They blocked the village of Novotoshkovskoye from the east and the south» — Igor Konashenkov explained. «On the night from 3rd to 4th of April the Russian Air Force destroyed a Ukrainian command post of the 24th separate mechanized brigade, located near the city of Lisichansk. The nearby warehouses with ammo, weapons, and military equipment were destroyed as well» — the Ministry added.

3 Ukraine

The Russian National Guard destroyed a scouting group of the Ukrainian nationalists, and an ammo factory in the Kiev region of Ukraine — the TASS reported. “Thanks to the competent actions of a sapper from the Russian Guard, Corporal A. Maltsev, the entire sabotage and reconnaissance group of the Ukrainian nationalists was destroyed. The special forces of the Russian Guard discovered a small ammo factory in the Kiev region. The sappers destroyed the factory together with the equipment inside» — the Russian ministry of defense stated, and explained that since recently, the special forces of the Russian Guard were actively searching for a Ukrainian sabotage group in the Kiev region. The National Guard heard from the local villagers that the Ukrainian nationalists could be hiding inside one of the empty houses in the rear territory of the Russian forces.

4 Donbass

On 4th of April, 198 people, including 41 children, were evacuated from the city of Mariupol to the settlement of Bezimennoye in the DPR — the DPR’s territorial defense HQ reported. «On 4th of April 4, from 08:00 to 16:00, 198 people, including 41 children, were evacuated from Mariupol to Bezimennoye, in the Novoazovsky district» — the HQ reported on their Telegram channel.

5 Ukraine

More and more retail stores are being re-opened in the city of Kherson. There is no shortage of food and essentials — the RIA NEWS reported. The locals are still stocking up on bread and water since they are worried that there could be a shortage of supplies. The local business owners claim that the supply chain is stable, and there are no threats to the food security. Cafes and shops re-opened in the city center. The locals aren’t afraid to move on the streets since the presence of the Russian forces guarantees their security. Humanitarian aid is being distributed as well. Hundreds of people line up in front of the Russian military trucks marked with ’Z’. The public transport and the municipal services are resuming their work as well.

6 Ukraine — Hungary

The tension between Kiev and Budapest is growing. Budapest no longer intends to tolerate the provocative statements of the Ukrainian leadership towards Hungary. After the flawless victory in the parliamentary elections of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s political party «Fidesz» — Viktor Orban responded harshly to Vladimir Zelensky. “We had to deal with our problems, the major international mass media, and, in the end, with the Ukrainian president. We have never had so many opponents at once. But if we work together — we can’t be stopped” — Viktor Orban stated to his voters. He gave a clear signal to Kiev to stop any attempts to use Hungary in their anti-Russian interests. Viktor Orban compared Vladimir Zelensky with the pro-European opposition, the “EU bureaucracy”, and the man behind the color revolutions — George Soros himself. Earlier Budapest refused to supply weapons to Ukraine, and imposed a ban on the passage of such supplies via Hungary. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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