A resident of the DPR was blown up by a Ukrainian mine


»A civilian was injured by an explosion of an IED, set by the Ukrainian military» — the press service of the People’s Militia of the DPR reported. “A civilian, born in 1996, received mine-explosive injuries as a result of a detonation of a non-contact explosive device, installed by the Ukrainian military» — the message explained. It was specified that the DPR servicemen provided the first aid to the victim, after which the civilian was taken to a hospital in the town of Telmanovo.

«A soldier of the DPR died from an explosive device, dropped by Ukrainian UAV» — the press service of the People’s Militia of the DPR reported. Earlier, near the village of Naberezhnoe, in the south of the DPR, the Ukrainian military used UAVs, which was a violation of the additional measures to control the ceasefire in Donbass. According to the People’s Militia Department — the UAV was sent to the location in which the employees of the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations were clearing the area from the unexploded mines. It was the first death of a DPR serviceman as a result of the Ukrainian military aggression since the start of the additional measures to control the ceasefire.

«The Ukrainian forces did not let the observers of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, tasked to check the area, to pass through the Ukrainian checkpoint near the village of Schastie» — the official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR, Yakov Osadchiy, reported during a briefing. He added that before the arrival of the OSCE representatives — the LPR People’s Militia detected a fire and explosions at the position of the 3rd battalion of the 80th brigade of the Ukrainian forces. “It is possible that the fire took place due to the violations of fire safety. The information on the injured Ukrainian servicemen is being specified” — Yakov Osadchi concluded.

The deputy head of the People’s Militia Department of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, stated that an escalation of the conflict in Donbass can take place in the near future. “We warn Ukraine that if their military continues to purposefully violate the current ceasefire — we will take adequate counter-measures” — Basurin stated.

«During a videoconference of the sub-group on the political issues of the Contact Group, the Ukrainian representatives refused to discuss the roadmap, proposed by the Republics of Donbass, aimed to break the negotiation deadlock» — said the representative of the LPR in the subgroup, Rodion Miroshnik. “It confirms that the Ukrainian negotiators do not have powers from the Ukrainian parliament, which, in accordance with the Minsk agreements, must adopt a number of legal acts and amendments to the Ukrainian constitution in order to fulfill the conditions of the political settlement” — Rodion Miroshnik stated. He added that “the Ukrainian negotiators couldn’t get the Ukrainian Parliament to reconsider the scandalous decision on the elections. Even now they aren’t ready to take the obligation to adopt the roadmap by the Ukrainian parliament.

The office of the Ukrainian president stated that the election campaign, the course of voting, and the process of the election in the country were in accordance with the democratic standards and the current legislation. This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian president. Vladimyr Zelenskiy’s office has no doubts that the vote count “will be honest, professional, flawless, and without any traditional artificial delay”. The office also promised to return the Ukrainian constitutional order to the uncontrolled territories of Donbass. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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