A road accident in the Dominican Republic with Russian tourists


1 The Dominican Republic

A bus with 39 Russian tourists collided with a truck and capsized on the highway en route to an airport in the Dominican Republic. No-one died. The heavily wounded tourists were sent by helicopters to the medical centers in the Dominican capital. «According to the preliminary data, the accident occurred due to a sharp turn of the truck that was moving right in front of the tourist bus. The bus driver was forced to make a sharp braking in order to avoid a collision» — the website of the Association of Russian Tour Operators reported. The Russian diplomats are currently in contact with the Dominican authorities, and with the local hospitals.

2 Russia

On 5th of December the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will give his yearly concluding interview to the Russian television channels — the press service of the Russian government reports. The results of the work of the cabinet of ministers will be evaluated on air. The main tasks of the Russian government will be announced as well. The «Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev» will be released at 12:00, on 5th of December. It will be the 12th interview of Dmitry Medvedev during his work as a president and a head of government.

3 Russia

“The air traffic between Russia and Georgia can be restored in the first half of 2020. It can’t be restored until the New Year due to the political crisis in Georgia” — the ‘Izvestia’ newspaper reports while citing their source in the Russian government. Zurab Abashidze, the Prime Minister of Georgia, when asked about the settlement of the relations with Russia, said that Georgia welcomes the «lifting of the ban on the air traffic»

4 Albania

Edy Rama, the Prime Minister of Albania, announced an emergency in the cities of Tirana and Durres after the recent devastating earthquake of magnitude 6.4 — the earthquake took place in Albania on Tuesday night. According to the latest information — 27 people died, more than 650 were injured, and 45 were found and saved in the rubble. It was the second strongest earthquake in Albania since the beginning of autumn.

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