A rocket strike on Afghanistan


1 Syria

The deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, Lieutenant-Colonel Vladimir Marandidov, reported that over the past day the terrorists carried out 11 attacks on settlements in 3 provinces of Syria — Latakia, Idlib, and Aleppo. It was underlined that there were no attacks from the illegal armed groups, controlled by Turkey.

2 Afghanistan

The ‘TOLOnews’ TV reported while citing the Afghan Ministry of Defense that the Pakistani army fired rockets at the Kandahar province, in the south-east of Afghanistan. The attack killed 9 people and injured 50. It was reported that the Pakistani military fired at the residential areas in Spin-Boldak county. No other details were published. There is no information on the state of health of the victims.

3 Azerbaijan — Armenia

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported that over the past day, the ceasefire on the border with Armenia was violated 49 times. The Armenian Defense Ministry reported that over the past night, the Azerbaijani troops violated the ceasefire at the border 14 times — they made about 155 shots from small arms — the press secretary of the Armenian Ministry of Defense, Shushan Stepanyan, announced it on Facebook.

4 Afghanistan

The ‘Tolo News’ TV broadcast a statement from the spokesman for the Qatari Taliban political office, Mohammad Sohail Shahin. He stated that the Taliban «released a group of 82 prisoners». The total number of the released Afghan servicemen reached 1,005. Thus, the Taliban has completed the process of transferring of the captured servicemen back to the Afghan authorities, according to the agreement signed between the Taliban and the US representatives in Doha. As part of that agreement — the USA intend to finally pull out their troops from Afghanistan in May of 2021 — said the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, while speaking at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress. He underlined that at the moment the USA have reduced the number of the US troops in Afghanistan «by about a half, compared to the recent peak of their numbers». “We are on the course of the further reduction” — he added, and then expressed his hope for a proper inter-Afghan dialogue.

5 Ukraine

The first president of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, who previously led the Kiev delegation at the negotiations of the contact group on Donbass, announced his readiness to compromise on the resolution of the conflict. He made such statement during an interview to the ‘RBC-Ukraine’. «There is only one mission — to end the war, to make the peace reign in Ukraine, so that we would live in peace. Without blood, without horror, without losses, without destruction. I will do everything possible for it. We will make compromises» — he said. While speaking about the special status of Donbass, the ex-president noted that he would advocate the transition from the general words to solid actions. «It will be a governance that benefits the people who live there, so the people would feel that they are the owners of their land» — he explained. Kravchuk noted that «there are things that can’t be compromised. Such as sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, and the integrity of the borders. Those issues won’t be discussed» — he concluded.

6 Ukraine

The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Kuleba, announced during a briefing that Ukraine is preparing for a new summit in the Normandy format. He added that the observance of a sustainable ceasefire in Donbass will allow to move on to the implementation of other points of the agreements, reached at the Normandy Four summit. «It is very difficult for me to imagine how the Minsk process will work without the Normandy format. The political agreements, reached in the Normandy format at the highest level, are then being implemented in the Minsk process» — he explained. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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