A tense situation in Idlib and Trans-Euphrates


The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Vershinin, spoke during an interview with the ’RIA NEWS’ about the activation of the ISIS terrorists. Clashes continue between the Kurdish «Syrian Democratic Forces» and the pro-Turkish groups. «The situation on the ground in Syria has stabilized, but it remains dangerous and complicated. Some tensions remain on the territories, not controlled by Damascus — namely in Idlib, At-Tanf, and across the Euphrates River. Humanitarian and socio-economic problems there are serious» — Vershinin explained and added that «there is an escalation across the Euphrates River due to the intensification of the ISIS activities, the clashes between the Kurdish «Syrian Democratic Forces», the tribal unions, and pro-Turkish groups along the perimeter of the operation «Peace Spring,» near the village of Ain Issa».

The officials of the State Emergency Service of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic reported on Facebook that they found bodies of Armenians, killed during the escalation of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. «As a result of the search work, by 4th of January the remains of 1,184 people, including civilians, were found» — the message stated. It was noted that on 3rd and 4th of January the rescuers found 29 such bodies in the combat zone. 4 of the dead were civilians. The prospecting work continues at the Talish-Matagis areas, in the Hadrut and Fizuli regions.

The Reuters reported that a strong explosion took place near the central prison in the Yemeni city of Aden, where the ministers of the new government had arrived a bit earlier. The sources of the Reuters reported that the explosion destroyed one of the prison walls. No data was reported so far on the dead and wounded. Earlier in late December of 2020, the Aden city airport came under mortar fire during the arrival of ministers of the new Yemeni government. The shelling killed 27 people and injured dozens.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps demonstrated an underground missile base on the Gulf coast, the IRGC affiliated news website Sepah News reported. The ceremony was reportedly attended by the commander-in-chief of the IRGC, Hossein Salami, and the commander of the IRGC naval forces, Alireza Tangsiri. As Hossein Salami stated — the missile base has high-precision missiles of great destructive power — they have range of hundreds of kilometers. The missiles are, supposedly, capable of penetrating electronic defenses. This statement was made during the mass-media reports that the administration of the US President, Donald Trump, may strike Iran before the expiration of his term in office on 20th of January.

The participants of the summit of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, which includes Bahrain, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement in the Saudi city of Al Ulya to end the diplomatic crisis with Qatar. The meeting was broadcast live by the ’Al Arabiya’ TV. The Reconciliation Agreement aims to normalize the relations with Doha. It provides the lifting of the blockade and the re-opening of the air, sea and land borders with Qatar.

On Monday, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated, while receiving the country’s Prosecutor General Andrey Shved, that 2021 won’t be easy, and it will be necessary to preserve the sovereignty of Belarus. The ’BelTA’ news agency quoted his words. He added that over time, the fight against the crime will be analyzed together with the entire law enforcement system. Andrey Shved replied that the crime situation in the country is under control, despite the attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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