A terrorist attack in Kabul


The explosions at the Kabul international airport have already killed at least 170 people — the Afghan Ministry of Health reported. Most of the victims are Afghans. It was reported that 13 US servicemen and at least 28 Taliban terrorists died at that day. About 200 people were injured as a result of the terrorist attack. At least 3 children died. On Friday, the ’Al Jazeera’ TV reported about a shooting at the airport’s east gate, but no casualties were reported. On 26th of August suicide bombings took place outside the hotels, near Kabul International Airport, where the foreigners stay.The ISIS claimed the responsibility for the attacks.

A Russian front-line bomber Su-24 crashed in the Perm region. According to the Ministry of Defense, the SU-24 was heading to an aircraft factory for the repairs. It fell on the territory of the Vereshchagin district. The crew successfully ejected. The ’TASS’ reported that both pilots were found — they are fine. The reasons of the crash are unknown. A commission has been set up to investigate the case. In August, the Russian air forces lost 6 aircraft as a result of various crashes.

Russian border guards and the Armenian State Security Service are negotiating to unblock the highway between the Armenian cities of Goris and Kapan. On Thursday the road was blocked by Azerbaijani servicemen. The delivery of food to the Armenian village of Vorotan is being carried out by the Russian border guards. The confrontation with the Azerbaijani military, who blocked the highway between the cities of Goris and Kapan, continues in the Syunik region of Armenia.

On Thursday, 6 explosions took place in a warehouse of a military unit in the Bayzak district of the Zhambyl region, south of Kazakhstan. The first reports were made at 19:00. The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan stated that «the nature of the fire is typical for the ignition of engineering ammo — perhaps the stored TNT is burning». As a result of the fire, at least 12 servicemen were killed. Several are missing — the Minister of Defense, Nurlan Yermekbayev, reported. The exact cause of the fire will be established by a specially created investigative group.A violation of the safety measures could be the cause of fire. It is also possible that there was a deliberate arson. The authorities involved about 1000 employees of various services to extinguish the fire. The nearby villages in the Bayzak region were evacuated. The railway traffic is temporarily suspended. The Defense Minister, Nurlan Yermekbayev, announced his readiness to resign.

Aleksey Nikonorov, the DPR representative in the security subgroup, stated that the situation on the contact line in Donbass continues to get worse. “In the current conditions of a non-functioning coordination mechanism, the full launch of which we have been trying to agree upon for almost a year, Ukraine still isn’t doing anything for this matter” — he added. According to the DPR office in the joint center for the control and coordination of the ceasefire — from 20th of July to 25th of August the Ukrainian troops fired 130 times on the territory of the DPR.53 cases involved the use of heavy weapons. 1 civilian was killed, 1 was injured.

The left-overs of the terrorist groups in the Al-Balad district of the Daraa region shelled the residential areas in the provincial capital, thus damaging a number of houses. The Daraa Provincial Police Chief, Dirar al-Dandal, stated to a reporter of the SANA news agency that the terrorists fired 14 mortar shells at Al-Kashef, an industrial area, and Garaz district. The residential buildings and infrastructure were damaged. In addition, the terrorists fired at the positions of the Syrian forces outside of Al-Balad with machine guns. The military returned fire.Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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