A terrorist ceasefire in Syria


1 Syria

The terrorists from the »Jebhat al-Nusra» group, and their enemies from the extremist group »Khurras al-Din» agreed on a ceasefire. The agreement entered into force on Saturday, in the western part of the Idlib province. The »Al Hadath» TV reports that 29 people were killed on both sides during clashes that started on Wednesday. The terrorists had a fight over the strategic section of the highway between the city of Draikush, and the mountain pass ‘Jisr al-Sugur’. Their clashes were fierce.

2 Syria

The British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab called on Twitter the «Russian exit» from the UN mechanism, made to protect the medical facilities in Syria, to be «unjustified and unacceptable». Earlier the «Reuters» reported while citing the information from the UN Office for the Coordination of the Humanitarian Affairs that Russia left the UN mechanism «made to protect the hospitals, and to deliver humanitarian aid in Syria without causing damage to the warring parties». The permanent Russian representative to the UN Office, and other international organizations in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov, called the information from the ‘Reuters’ to be incorrect. He underlined that there are no formal or signed agreements with the UN, regarding the protection of humanitarian facilities, including the medical facilities, in Syria. Moscow is fulfilling its obligations under the humanitarian law in Syria.

3 The USA

Donald Trump twitted that the US intelligence services have debunked the information on the alleged Russian attempts to offer a reward to the Afghan terrorists for killing the US troops. On Friday ‘The New York Times’ reported that the Russian military intelligence had encouraged the Taliban terrorists to attack the international coalition troops in Afghanistan. Donald Trump called that publication from «The New York Times» to be «an another fake news». The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the article contains false information. On Friday, the Russian embassy in Washington stated that the false publications in the US mass media about Afghanistan led to the threats against the Russian diplomats. On Monday the Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, called the publication of ‘The New York Times’ to be a fake news. The Taliban also refuted the allegations that they have, allegedly, received funds from the Russian military intelligence to carry out attacks in Afghanistan.

4 Libya

The Vice Chairman of the Supreme Council of Sheikhs and Elders of the Libyan Tribes, al-Senusi al-Khalik, stated during an interview to the news agency «RIA NEWS» that fights can begin on the Libyan oil fields if the Turkish forces reach them. Earlier on Friday, Ibrahim al-Fayedi, the spokesman for the Petroleum Facilities Protection Guard, stated that the LNA forces began patrolling the «oil crescent» area under the cover of aviation. The decision to patrol that area was made according to the instructions of the commander in chief of the LNA. The purpose of the patrols is to protect the oil facilities from any attacks from the armed groups. It was underlined that the patrols do not interfere with the work of the oil companies operating in ports and oil fields.

5 Austria

The Austrian press agency reported that the Austrian Foreign Ministry called the Turkish ambassador for a talk due to the clashes between the Turkish youth and the Kurdish demonstrators in Vienna. Skirmishes began in Vienna on Wednesday — they continued on Thursday and Friday. Several police officers were injured during the clashes. The chancellor instructed the police to find the instigators of the riots. The foreign minister Alexander Schallenberg stated that Austria is outraged by the unrest over the past days, and considers them to be «unacceptable.» He called on the Turkish authorities to not call the Kurdish demonstrators «supporters of terrorist organizations». On Saturday, Vienna had the fourth day of the Kurdish demonstrations, supported by the antifa, to oppose the policies of the Turkish leadership. The city police units were enhanced. Turkey also invited the Austrian ambassador to Ankara. According to Turkey — the demonstrations of the supporters of the »Kurdistan Workers Party» in Austria is a propaganda of terrorism. Ankara expressed their concern about the tough police response against the young people of Turkish origin.

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