A tribunal awaits the PoWs from the ’Azovstal’


1 Donbass

The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, reported that the necessary documents are being prepared for the international tribunals over the Ukrainian nationalists who left the ’Azovstal’ factory in Mariupol. «The PoWs are being held on the territory of the DPR. The needed documents are being prepared, and the charter of the tribunal is being written right now. It is possible that there will be intermediate court cases, following the example of how it all happened after the Second World War. We remember that there were also the Kiev Tribunal and the Kharkov Tribunal. I do not rule out that we will follow the same path» — Denis Pushilin stated on-air to the «Russia-24» TV channel. He specified that the information on the foreign mercenaries from the ’Azovstal’ will be made public later — the TASS reported.

2 Donbass

«The Ukrainian servicemen can still take their chance and leave the city of Severodonetsk» — a serviceman of the LPR’s People’s Militia, named Igor, stationed near Severodonetsk, told to the reporters. «At the moment they still have a chance to get out of the encirclement via a small narrow corridor in the direction of the town of Kramatorsk» — Igor added.

3 Ukraine

The head of the military-civilian administration of the Herson region, Vladimir Saldo, announced that a dual-currency zone was officially introduced in the Herson region from 23rd of May. «A decree was issued on the introduction of a dual-currency circulation in the Kherson region. All the traders will firstly have the right, and then will be required to, set the price tags in hryvnia and the Russian ruble» — he stated in a video message published on the Telegram channel of the Herson administration. According to him, the ratio of currencies will be 2 to 1. «2 Russian rubles for 1 hryvnia. I ask everyone to pay attention to this matter, and take this factor into the account» — Saldo underlined. A branch of one of the Russian banks will appear in the region, which will start accepting the applications for opening bank accounts — the RIA NEWS reported.

4 Germany-Ukraine

Germany will send SPAA vehicles ’Gepard’ to Ukraine no earlier than in July of 2022. In addition to the supply of the SPAAs, there will be training courses for the Ukrainian servicemen. The TASS reported while citing the DPA about the intention to transfer the Gepards to Ukraine in July. A total of 15 Gepards, and 60,000 shells, will be transferred. Previously Germany had a shortage of shells for the Gepards, which is why the supply of these combat vehicles to Ukraine was constantly delayed.

5 Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense showed the footage of the combat work of the Russian Sukhoi SU-35S multirole fighters, which are used during the special military operation in Ukraine. The footage was published on 23rd of May. «During their sorties, the SU-35S aircraft continue to destroy the enemy military targets by using a wide range of airborne weapons. They interact with the SU-34 bombers to complete the flight missions, and to cover the friendly aircraft» — the ministry stated. “In order to destroy the Ukrainian aviation equipment, the radar stations, and the air defense systems — the Russian Air Force uses several types of guided high-precision air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. The combat sorties are taking place daily and nightly, in all weather conditions» — the Ministry of Defense concluded.

6 Ukraine — Poland

«Vladimir Zelensky intends to submit a bill to the Ukrainian Parliament, according to which a special legal status will be given in Ukraine to the citizens of Poland» — said Olga Sovgirya, a Ukrainian deputy from the pro-presidential political party «Servant of the People». Vladimir Zelensky commented on his decision with the following words: “There should be no barriers between us. The state border doesn’t separate the mentality of the Ukrainian and Polish people for a long time. Thus we have agreed to show it via an agreement in the near future. Firstly with the joint border and customs control, and later on a single conditional border, when Ukraine becomes a member of the EU» — end of quote. Vladimir Zelensky didn’t specify exactly what privileges and preferences he is going to give to the citizens of Poland. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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