A Ukrainian provocation was prevented in the DPR || Breaking News, 12th of April, 2019


The servicemen of the DPR prevented an attempt of the Ukrainian forces to attack the staff of the OSCE mission — said the spokesman of the DPR’s operational command, Daniel Bezsonov. According to him, the vehicle of the OSCE was on a patrol route. The Ukrainian troops tried to use a UAV to drop 2 mortar shells on the car. The DPR servicemen detected the UAV in the nick of time, and shot it down. Daniel Bezsonov underlined that the drone attack was carried out in order to accuse the DPR in the attack, thus provoking an international reaction. A second sabotage attempt was carried out later, he added. “Knowing for sure that the OSCE staff members work in the area of the settlement of Dolomitnoye — the commander of the 30th mechanized brigade Garaz ordered to open mortar fire on the area” — the official explained and added that the DPR military personnel didn’t respond to the provocative bombardment — RIA NEWS reports.

The coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, performed airstrikes on the positions of the Hussite rebels, the supporters of the Ansar Allah movement, located in the capital of Yemen, the city of Sanaa, Al Arabiya TV reported. The coalition airstrikes targeted the military bases and military trucks of the rebels. Yemen has been in a civil war since 2014 — the government forces are fighting the Hussite rebels. Currently the capital of Yemen, the city of Sanaa, is under control of the Ansar Allah rebels. After the air strikes — the Hussite rebels, and the mass-media agencies that supports them, reported about children that died from the air attacks.

Ukraine will continue sending their ships through the Kerch Strait, since the refusal to do so would mean that Ukraine is giving away the Sea of Azov. This was stated by the Ukrainian Minister of Defense — Stepan Poltorak — NewsOne reported. Stepan Poltorak explained that such attempts should be taken only after the Ukrainian Navy and the international partners of Ukraine are ready for it — RIA NEWS reports.

he Sudanese Minister of Defense, Avad ibn Auf, took an oath on Thursday evening as the head of the country’s military council, RIA NEWS reports while referring the Al-Arabiya TV channel. Kemal Abdel Maaruf, the head of the staff, became his deputy. There was a military coup in Sudan on 11th of April. The president Omar al-Bashir has resigned. The national police announced the release of all political prisoners. The Sudanese Minister of Defense, Avad ibn Auf, announced later that the President Omar al-Bashir was arrested. His power went to the military council that will govern the state for 2 years.

he Taliban announced the start of the annual spring offensive — the ‘Operation Victory’. “Our commitments to the jihad haven’t yet been fulfilled. Although a large part of our country was liberated from the enemies — the foreign invaders still continue to cause military and political influence on our Muslim country” — Interfax quoted the announcement of the Taliban. The objectives of the ‘Operation Victory’, which will be conducted all over Afghanistan, are «the extermination of the occupation» and «The purging of our Muslim homeland from the invasion and corruption» — the announcement explained. A spokesman of the Afghan Ministry of Defense stated in response that the Taliban’s statement is a «pure propaganda». »The Taliban can’t reach their malicious goals. All their operations are doomed to fail, just like in the previous years» — he assured.

The French President Emmanuel Macron announced that he opposes the start of trade negotiations between the EU and the USA because the administration of Donald Trump didn’t follow the ‘Paris Climate Agreement’. According to him — “France opposes the trade negotiations with the United States — it simply goes beyond the framework of the Paris Agreement” — TASS reports. The French Minister of the Ecological Transition, Francois de Ruge, added that Paris is opposed to giving the European Commission the mandate to negotiate with the United States. «France will probably be the only country that will vote ‘against’ » — Agence France-Presse quotes the representative of Macron’s administration. He also pointed on the Washington’s pressure on the trade issues, and the refusal to revise the previously imposed duties. Earlier, Donald Trump confirmed his willingness to impose duties on goods from the EU in response to EU subsidies to the ‘Airbus’ company.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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