A warrant for the arrest of Haftar was issued in Libya


The Libyan military prosecutor’s office issued a warrant for the arrest of the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who commands the Libyan National Army that is currently advancing on Tripoli — the Libyan government of the national consent announced. The military prosecutor works for the Tripoli-based government of the national consent. Earlier that government ordered to arrest Khalifa Haftar. He is accused of killing the civilians by Tripoli.

2 Ukraine

The participants of the Donbas Contact Group for a Peaceful Settlement couldn’t agree on a comprehensive and stable ceasefire — said the Russian representative Boris Gryzlov. The Foreign Ministry of the DPR underlined that Kiev refused the agreement. “Unfortunately the discussion didn’t lead to a result. Kiev refused to take the additional measures of enhancement of the cease-fire. The measures are designed to ensure the safety, and the transition to a political settlement. The proposals of Donetsk and Lugansk, which were supported by Russia and the OSCE, were rejected”- TASS quots Boris Grizlov.

3 Serbia

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic announced that Serbia won’t impose any sanctions against Russia, despite the strong external pressure — TASS reports while quoting his interview published on Friday by the newspaper »Izvestia». He underlined that Serbian desire to enter the EU wouldn’t prevent the development of relations with Russia. He noted that Moscow helps Belgrade to defend their national interests, including the issue of Kosovo. Thus, “it would be, to put it mildly, very incorrect to impose sanctions after Western countries” — Ivica Dacic concluded.

4 France — Estonia

On 23rd of April, France will send about 300 troops, 4 tanks and 20 IFVs to Estonia due to the NATO’s enhancement of its military presence in the Baltic countries and Poland. This was stated on the website of the French Embassy in Estonia. The contingent will include soldiers of the 2nd brigade of the French army, and the mercenaries of the Foreign Legion. The servicemen and equipment will be deployed in the city of Tapa, located 140 kilometers away from the Russian border. According to the diplomatic mission — the French soldiers will stay in Estonia until August. Earlier, the UK sent 5 Apache helicopters to Estonia to deter a «very likely aggression» from Russia.

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