About 900 people were detained in Venezuela


There will be a suspension of the US obligations under the INF Treaty during this weekend — said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov — “As we understand it — the next stage is coming. The next phase — the phase of the suspension of the US obligations under the INF treaty. Apparently it will happen during the next weekend” — Sergei Ryabkov said after his meeting with the Under Secretary of State Andrea Thompson. According to Sergei Ryabkov — there is no progress around the situation with the INF treaty. The US position is “very tough, even ultimate” — RIA NEWS reports.

Democratic Congressmen Elizabeth Warren and Adam Smith presented a bill that bans the United States from using the nuclear weapons first — Interfax reports while citing ‘The Hill’. “Our current nuclear strategy isn’t just outdated — it’s dangerous” — said Elizabeth Warren, a member of the Senate Committee on Armed Forces, and Adam Smith, the Chairman of the Committee on the Armed Forces Affairs, in a joint statement. The new act specifies that «the policy of the United States is to not use the weapons first». A press release made by Adam Smith office explained that the bill would improve the US national security by reducing the risk of an error, but still maintains the possibility of a nuclear strike in the event of a nuclear attack on an ally, or the United States.

According to the non-governmental organization »Venezuelan Criminal Forum» — over the past week, from 21st to 27th of January, Venezuelan police detained about 900 people during the ongoing unrest, ‘Union Radio’ reports. According to the executive director of the non-governmental organization »Venezuelan Criminal Forum» — Alfredo Romero — from 21st to 27th of January, 896 people were detained in Venezuela, TASS reports. He claims that «not only protesters, but also the relatives of the military, in this case sergeants that spoke out against the government, were detained.»

»The terrorists are still trying to fake the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian residents» — Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced — “According to the available information — A group of activists, the notorious pseudo-humanitarian organization ‘White helmets’, prepared the necessary equipment for the filming of such provocative actions in several hospitals in Idlib” — RIA NEWS quotes her words. Back in November, the Russian permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, during a Security Council meeting, announced that the terrorists in Syria, along with the White Helmets, are still working on the provocations while using toxic substances.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, after a meeting with the Under Secretary of State Andrea Thompson, announced that Moscow will continue working on the rescuing of the INF treaty after Washington has suspended their obligations under the agreement. According to Sergey Ryabkov — during the last negotiations with Andrea Thompson — both sides didn’t make progress in the discussion of this agreement, TASS reports.

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