Afghan refugees return home from Tajikistan || Спецвыпуск 18.07.2021


This is a special program from the ’ANNA NEWS’, I am Constantine Reztsov.

The State Committee of the National Security of Tajikistan reported that almost all refugees from Afghanistan have returned to their homeland. The only exceptions are the Kyrgyz villagers from the village of Andemin, in the Wahon region of the Afghan province of Badakshan. They fled from their native village, fearing the ethnic persecution by the Taliban, who are mostly Pashtuns. The Tajik border department noted that the cordon guards fully control the area. The situation was described as stable.

The advancement of armed Taliban units deep into Afghanistan initially started in Badakshan. At the same time, an attempt was made to go beyond the Afghan-Tajik border. The Afghan military, pressed by the Taliban, crossed into Tajikistan by an agreement with the Tajik border guards. According to the official numbers — more than 1,300 Afghan servicemen have found refuge in Tajikistan. Refugees went there as well.

The Taliban offensive began simultaneously with the pulling from Afghanistan of the US and allied forces — they were unable to carry out their peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

Many military facilities, where the international forces were previously located, have already passed into the hands of the Taliban, along with all the military equipment — weapons, military equipment, transport, communications, ammo and other equipment.

The return of the majority of Afghan refugees from Tajikistan is connected with the promises of the Taliban to not persecute anyone for their former loyalty to the Afghan authorities. Meanwhile, Joe Biden ordered to ensure the evacuation of the Afghans, who in one way or another helped the US forces.

The representatives of the political wing of the Taliban stated that they won’t allow the territory of Afghanistan to be used for any hostile actions against Russia and its allied states. The Collective Security Treaty Organization has confirmed that in case of an escalation of the situation on the Tajik-Afghan border — the organization will help Dushanbe by all means.

Sergei Lavrov, who visited Tajikistan, demonstrated that Russia, as the core of the CSTO, is serious in the statements. He stated the following — the US-led mission in Afghanistan has failed. Moscow intends to build friendly relations with any Afghan government. Provided that no threats are created to its allies, including Tajikistan.

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