Air strikes on Yemen


1 Yemen

The Saudi-led «Arab coalition» announced the resumption of the bombing of the Yemeni capital Sana’a in a response to the missile attacks of the ’’Ansar Allah’’ against the UAE. The coalition called the air strikes «a response to a threat, and a military necessity». The coalition claimed that they are only targeting the «terrorist leaders». Several F-15s destroyed 2 ballistic missile launchers that were used to strike the Emirates. According to the rebel TV channel «Al-Masirah» — 4 people were killed, 5 were injured. On Monday, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, was raided by a UAV. 3 people died, 6 were injured.

2 the UK — Ukraine

The UK will send anti-tank weaponry to Ukraine in order to raise their defense capability, needed to repel the supposed Russian invasion threat. The first batch has been sent to Ukraine by now. The UK military instructors will train the Ukrainian servicemen to use the new weapons systems in a short time.

3 North Korea

The DPRK launched 2 short-range ballistic missiles aimed at a target on a military training ground — an empty island in the Sea of Japan — the «Korean Central News Agency» reported on 18th of January. According to the Japanese military — the North Korean missiles flew for about 300 kilometers and fell into the Sea of Japan, near the east coast of North Korea. The maximum flight altitude of the missiles was about 50 kilometers. South Korea stated that the launch of ballistic missiles was carried out from the ’Sunan International Airport’, near the city of Pyongyang, towards the Sea of Japan. The South Korean military reported that the missiles flew for about 380 kilometers with a maximum flight altitude of about 42 kilometers.

4 Iraq — Syria

The Iraqi National Security Adviser, Qasem Al-Araji, discussed with the Syrian Ambassador to Baghdad, Sattam Jadaan Al-Dandah, the joint cooperation on security matters and the border protection — the SANA news agency reported. Al-Araji underlined that Syria is an integral part of the Arab nation. The Syrians are resilient against all the dangers. Ad-Dandah confirmed the desire of the two countries to enhance the security of the common borders, prevent the infiltration of terrorists, and exchange the information on security issues.

5 Belarus — Ukraine

The State Border Committee of Belarus reported that on the night of 18th of January the Belarusian border guards used weapons on the border with Ukraine. The press service of the department reported that the Belarusian border patrol near the border with Ukraine spotted an ’’Audi’’ car that was approaching the state border, outside the highways. According to Belarus — «measures are being taken to clarify all the circumstances». An injured border guard was treated in a hospital.

6 The Pacific

Naval forces of Russia, Iran and China will take part in a joint naval training — the press service of the Eastern Russian Military District for the Pacific Fleet reported on Tuesday. «3 ships from the Russian Pacific Fleet — the missile cruiser «Varyag», the large anti-submarine ship «Admiral Tributs», and the large sea tanker «Boris Butoma», anchored near the port of Chakbehar, in Iran. The official delegation of the Russian Navy will take part in a conference on the joint naval training of Russian, Iranian and Chinese naval forces. The conference will be held in the port» — the message stated. The Russian Pacific Fleet set sail from the city of Vladivostok a few days before 2022 — the TASS reported. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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