All nine dead bodies were found in Solikamsk


The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on human rights violations in Crimea. It was proposed for consideration by Ukraine. 65 countries voted »for» the document, including the United States and most of the EU countries. 27 countries voted »against», 70 countries abstained from voting. Russian Deputy Representative to the UN, Gennady Kuzmin, called the resolution «purely anti-Russian, false, lying and meaningless in its content». He underlined that Russia guarantees the protection of rights and freedoms on its territory, including Crimea. Earlier, the UN General Assembly Economic Committee refused to fund this resolution, which, according to Gennady Kuzmin, makes the document itself meaningless.

In the mine of «Ural Kalii», in the village of Solikamsk, the rescuers found the bodies of all 9 dead miners. 2 bodies were found on the first level, the rest were found on the second and third levels. It took 7 tries to reach the bodies. The Governor of the Perm Region, Maxim Reshetnikov, offered his condolences to the families and close friends of the miners. The construction company will pay 2,000,000 millions of rubles to the relatives of the victims.

Donald Trump confirmed that the anti-ISIS special representative Brett McGurk has resigned. The president said that McGurk’s decision was “posturing”, and that he had to leave his post in the February of 2019 anyway. Earlier it was reported that Brett McGurk resigned in protest against the decision of Donald Tramp to pull the American troops out of Syria. According to McGurk — even though ISIS has lost their organizational structure — the terrorists have not yet been defeated entirely, and the withdrawal of American troops may lead to a revival of ISIS.

The Russian embassy in London accused the UK in «pushing Ukraine to make new military provocations». The diplomatic mission commented on the words of the British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson when he said that London sent the HMS ‘Echo’ to Odessa in order to “send a signal to Russia”. A spokesman of the embassy added that the trip of the head of the British military department to Odessa is «Especially revealing, given the preparations of the Poroshenko regime on the military actions on 24-25 of December, aimed to prolong the martial law, imposed by him right before the presidential elections.»

Tsunami in Indonesia killed at least 168 people, another 745 were injured. 30 people are currently missing. These numbers aren’t final — the rescue teams still can’t reach all the affected settlements. The Russian Embassy is currently clarifying whether or not there were Russian citizens among the dead and injured.

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