An American spy plane over Donbass || Спецпроект 12.12.2021


This is a special program from the «ANNA NEWS», I am Constantine Reztsov.

A reconnaissance aircraft of foreign origin flew over the front line in Donbass. The Telegram channel «Politics of the Country» reported that it was an «RC-135W Rivet Joint» electronic reconnaissance airplane of the US Air Force.

Since the airplane has a specific job, the journalists guess that the airplane is most likely conducting a reconnaissance over the territory of the contact line. Earlier only the ’’RQ-4A Global Hawk’’ high-altitude UAVs were noticed in that area.

Recently the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Kuleba, made a statement that Kiev wants to have peace in Donbass via force. He added that Ukraine will follow such a strategy despite the pressure from Russia, the USA, and the EU.

On the last Friday, the Russian air defenses spotted an American scout plane ’’Poseidon P-8A’’, flying over the Black Sea. A single SU-30 fighter jet took off to intercept the spy plane.

The ANNA NEWS follows the events. Stay tuned.

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