An attempt to break through in the Kharkov direction was thwarted // Lisichansk is being cleared of mines


1 Donbass

Over the past day, Ukraine attacked the DPR 70 times. They fired 482 rockets and shells — the ceasefire center reported. «The Kirovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Kievski, and Petrovsky districts of the city of Donetsk, the towns of Makeevka, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, Golmovsky, Novobakhmutovka, Mikhailovka, Panteleymonovka, Mineralnoe, Yakovlevka, Spartak, Staromikhaylovka and Maryinka were under fire. Ukraine used MLRS ’’Grad’’, 80mm aircraft rockets, artillery, tanks, and mortars. The attacks killed a local woman in the village of Egorovka, Volnovakhsky District. 2 locals in the towns of Yasinovataya and Gorlovka were wounded. 13 housing constructions and 5 civilian infrastructure facilities were damaged» — the report stated.

2 Ukraine

The Commander of the 206th Infantry Regiment of the LPR, callsign «Apostol», reported that the LPR and the Russian forces stopped an attempt of the Ukrainian nationalistic group «Kraken» to break through the defenses in the Kharkov frontline — the RIA NEWS reported. «The Ukrainian military group «Kraken» had a plan to break through the defense line to the north from Kharkov. Their plans were discovered. They were stopped at the nearest approaches to our strongholds. The Russian artillery and heavy military equipment inflicted severe damage. The «Kraken» was forced to abandon their plan — namely to break through our defenses and advance to the borders of Russia» — the commander explained. A part of the Kharkov region was libarated by the Russian and the LPR forces during the on-going special military operation.

3 Ukraine

The specialists from the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Forces started the demining of the liberated town of Lisichansk. The Russian sappers carry out an inspection of streets and houses for the presence of explosive objects. Such objects are being deactivated or detonated on the spot once spotted. Remote-controlled vehicles ’Uran-6’ are being used for this task as well.

4 Russia

«Our Western colleagues became very skillful at presenting any news in a distorted way, just so it can be used against Russia. Which no longer surprises me» — the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, commented on the recent Western reports on the Russian strike on a Ukrainian ship in Odessa port. «As for the targets that were hit with the precision strike — they were located on a separate part of the Odessa port, in the so-called ’military part’ of the port. A Ukrainian gunboat and an ammo depot with anti-ship missiles ’Harpoon’ were the targets of the attack» — Sergey Lavrov stated and added that the grain terminal is located far from the military part of the port of Odessa. There are no obstacles to the delivery of grain to the customers, in accordance with the agreements, signed in Istanbul — the RIA NEWS reported.

5 Donbass

The deputy chairman of the government of the DPR, Yevgeny Solntsev, stated that the Mariupol airport will be restored in the next 3 years. «We decided that it will be a military-civilian airport, with a dual purpose» — he reported. According to him, the Russian sappers will firstly clear the entire territory of the airport from the landmines before the end of 2022. «Everything will be done step by step: the demining, the inspection, the design and the construction. In 3 years it will be possible to buy tickets and to fly to Mariupol» — Yevgeny Solntsev concluded.

6 Bulgaria

’The Newsweek’ reported that the USA and their allies have canceled the yearly naval exercises in Ukraine. Meanwhile they are conducting their training in the Bulgarian Black Sea area. The US Navy Euro-Africa Command spokeswoman Tamara Lawrence confirmed the cancellation of the ’Sea Breeze 2022’ due to the fighting in Ukraine. The RIA NEWS reported that 24 warships, 5 aircraft, 4 helicopters, and about 1,400 servicemen from 10 NATO countries are involved in the training, which had started during the last week near the Bulgarian port of Varna. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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