An explosion at the north of Aleppo


1 Syria

The Syrian state-run news agency ‘SANA’ reported that 1 person was killed and 20 were injured after a terrorist-planted bomb detonated in a market in the city of Al-Bab, in the north of the Aleppo province. The explosion took place on Sunday evening, in the city center. Al-Bab is located 38 km from Aleppo, in the territory controlled by the Syrian opposition, supported by Turkey. The Turkish Ministry of Defense blamed the ‘Kurdistan Workers Party’ and the ‘People’s Self-Defense Forces’ for the explosion.

2 Iran

On Monday the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, expressed his condolences for the accident during the Navy’s exercises that killed 19 sailors — the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s press service reported. The accident took place on the Iranian warship «Konarak» in the Gulf of Oman, on Sunday, during naval exercises near the ports of Jask and Chabahar. The accident killed at least 19 people. 15 were injured. The Iranian mass media reported that the warship could have been hit by a missile, mistakenly launched from a friendly warship during the training.

3 Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong police detained about 200 people that took part in the anti-government protests in the Mongkok district on 10th of May — the news website «Xiangang lingyi» reports. The protesters gathered on Sunday in several large shopping centers in different areas of the city. The police forced the participants to disperse by declaring that they violate the rule of the social distance, which prohibit gathering of groups of more than 8 people. The protesters went to the streets of the Mongkok district, where they tried to scatter and burn garbage on the road. Since the epidemiological situation in Hong Kong gets better — the protest movement, which began during the last summer, resumed the activity. Earlier on 6th of May the Chinese Office of the State Council for Hong Kong and Macau Affairs announced the inadmissibility of the resumption of the anti-government protests in Hong Kong.

4 Afghanistan

«1TV» channel reported with a reference to a police representative that as a result of explosions of 4 landmines in Kabul — at least 4 civilians were injured. One of them is a child. The details of what happened, and the information about the condition of the wounded haven’t been announced yet.

5 Afghanistan

The official representative of the Qatari Taliban political office, Sohail Shahin, stated that the Taliban announced the release of additional 53 Afghan prisoners in the provinces of Faryab and Badghis. Earlier on Monday a Taliban spokesman, Zabihulla Mujahid, announced the release of 17 military and police officials in Badghis province. It wasn’t specified if these ex-prisoners are among the currently released prisoners, reported by Sohail Shahin. The representative of the National Security Council of Afghanistan, Javid Faisal, stated that the Afghan authorities intend to suspend the release of the captured Taliban supporters, until the Taliban releases 200 more prisoners — the TOLO News TV reports. According to Javid Faisal — the Taliban released only 105 Afgan troops, while the Afghan authorities released a 1,000 of Taliban fighters.

6 Venezuela

The Venezuelan army detained another 8 mercenaries that infiltrated the country — the Venezuelan military reported on Twitter. «During the evening, the Marine Corps found and detained 8 mercenary terrorists» — the report explained. According to the Venezuelan authorities — a total of 45 people were detained while trying to invade Venezuela. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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