Ankara creates a security zone in the northern Syria


1 Turkey

The Turkish President Erdogan announced that Ankara will consider buying the Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighters if Turkey can’t buy the American F-35s — the »Daily Sabah» reports. «Turkey isn’t a buyer of the F-35 fighter jets, but rather — one of their manufacturers. If the US won’t supply these aircraft — Turkey will definitely consider buying the Russian Su-35 and Su-57 aircraft, as an alternative» — Erdogan said. The Pentagon chief Mark Esper announced that the USA won’t return Turkey to the F-35 program, even if Ankara won’t operate the Russian S-400 air defense systems. He added that the only condition under which the USA may return Turkey to the F-35 program is a complete disposal of the Russian missile systems.

2 the USA — Ukraine

Donald Trump ordered to review the US military assistance to Ukraine — the ‘Politico’ reports. According to the source of the ‘Politico’ in the White House — Donald Trump wants to make sure that the 250 millions of dollars, that the US allocated to Ukraine in the fiscal year of 2019, as military assistance, are being used in the best way, from the point of view of the US interests. He wants to ensure the priority of the US interests in the matters of the foreign aid, and he is looking for guarantees that the other countries are «paying their fair share» — the source explained. The revision was entrusted to the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, and to the Assistant of the US President for the National Security, John Bolton. The funds will be frozen for the time of the revision. Due to this decree of Donald Trump — the ‘Politico’ questions the very possibility of financing Ukraine in the matter of security.

3 the USA — Belarus

The assistant to the US President for the National Security John Bolton announced his upcoming visit to Belarus, and a meeting with the head of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko. “I will go to Moldova and Belarus, where I will meet with the leaders of both countries in order to discuss the regional security issues. I look forward to enhance our diplomatic and economic ties” — said Trump’s assistant. The US Embassy in Minsk reported that «Bolton will meet with the President Lukashenko and the Foreign Minister Makei in order to discuss the regional security issues, and to underline the US support of the sovereignty and independence of Belarus»

4 Turkey — Syria

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Ankara won’t allow the US to delay the establishment of a security zone in northern Syria, east from the Euphrates River. «An agreement with the USA on the safety zone, and on the clearing of the area east of the Euphrates River is the right step. A coordination center was built, and soon the joint patrols will take place. But we won’t allow the process to be delayed in the security zone, as in the case with Manbij. The process should move on quickly» — RIA NEWS quoted Erdogan. According to him, Ankara won’t allow to turn the east of Syria into an area in which the Kurdish formations will have protection. “Curently, everything is ready along our entire border line. Everything needed is already there: the personnel, and the armored vehicles. We are ready to act at any given moment. There are no problems for us.” — Erdogan concluded. On Monday, Erdogan announced that the Turkish armed forces will soon enter the territory of the security zone in Syria.

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