Armenia. Azerbaijan. Combat action


1 Azerbaijan — Armenia

A reported of the ANNA NEWS reported that the Azerbaijani forces launched an offensive operation in the Syunik region, covering the assault of infantry with artillery. According to the available information — the Azerbaijanis managed to move forward, and occupy several heights along the Yerevan-Goris highway. This road is used to supply a group of Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh. “There is a threat of cutting off the Russian peacekeepers from the 102nd base, stationed in the city of Gyumri” — the reporter reported. The defense ministries of Armenia and Azerbaijan accuse each other of provocations. Armenia reported that Azerbaijan is using artillery, armored vehicles, and small arms. Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of similar actions, and claims that the Azerbaijani forces are destroying Armenian anti-tank missiles and mortars.

2 Azerbaijan — Armenia

The TASS news agency reported that the Armenian authorities asked Moscow to «protect the territorial integrity of Armenia» in accordance with the two-sided agreement of 1997. The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, called on citizens to be ready to “defend the Holy Motherland” due to the outbreak of hostilities. Yerevan reported about an attempt of an Azerbaijani invasion into Armenia with an active exchange of fire from the Lachin direction.

3 Azerbaijan — Armenia

The Armenian Defense Ministry reported that battles are being waged on the border with Azerbaijan. «The situation in the eastern direction of the border zone continues to remain extremely tense» — the Ministry reported, and added that the Armenian troops are carrying out proportionate actions, and they control the situation. According to the Ministry, Azerbaijan suffers heavy losses in armored vehicles and manpower. There was a report about 4 wounded Armenian servicemen — the RIA NEWS reported.

4 Donbass

This morning the Ukrainian troops fired at a settlement in the west of the city of Donetsk. The settlement of the Trudovskaya mine was under fire — the DPR representative office in the joint control and coordination center reported. «At 09:26, the Ukrainian troops fired at the settlement of the Trudovskaya mine. The shelling came from the town of Maryinka. The enemy fired twelve 82mm shells» — the representatives reported. The information about the victims and the destruction is being specified.

5 Syria

The inter-departmental coordination HQ of Russia and Syria on the intensifying of the process of returning the Syrian refugees back to their homes made a joint statement: «The illegal military presence of foreign troops in Syria is a destructive factor on the path to the country’s revival. It leads to the plundering of Syrian natural resources, and creating of hotbeds of tension in the region» — the statement stated. An another negative factor is the use of sanctions against Syria, which impedes the post-war reconstruction of Syria, and deprives the Syrian citizens of opportunities for a normal existence.

6 Belarus — Poland

The Ministry of Health of Belarus reported that Belarusian doctors are providing assistance to the people who have suffered from the use of special equipment by the Polish military, used in order to stop the attempts to break through the Belarusian-Polish border by the Middle Eastern migrants. The number of victims is growing. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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