Arms transit through the ‘Al Yarubiya’ crossing point in Syria


1 Russia

The Russian Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, stated that the Western countries denied the Russian request for an open discussion of the OPCW report on the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria. Vasily Nebenzya pointed out the inconsistency and baselessness of the accusations, contained in the report, towards Damascus. «There is no evidence that the Syrian army was preparing a chemical attack. There are no images of their servicemen in hazmat suits. At the same time, their enemies — the terrorists — would benefit the most from these accusations towards Damascus» — Vasily Nebenzya explained — TASS quoted his words. “There is a solid evidence that it was a staged provocation” — he concluded. On Tuesday, the Permanent Representatives of the UN Security Council from France, Britain, Estonia, Belgium and Germany, issued a joint statement in which they supported the conclusions of the OPCW report and the report of the Investigation and Identification Group. The permanent representatives called for “punishing the guilty” for those actions.

2 Syria

On Wednesday, the joint coordination HQs of Russia and Syria jointly stated that the reports about Russia and Syria that allegedly block the refugee convoy during the Ramadan month in the Rukban camp are acts of disinformation from the terrorists. Those reports are being actively circulated by the pro-American mass media. The joint statement underlines that the USA continue their propaganda campaign, aimed to hold the Syrian authorities responsible for the possible escalation of the epidemic in Rukban. The USA are still trying to impose their point of view about the alleged difficulties in delivering of humanitarian aid to the residents of north-eastern Syria on the world community. «The goal of the USA is obvious. They want to continue to supply their controlled terrorists via the UN humanitarian aid» — the joint statement concluded.

3 Syria

A joint statement from the inter-departmental coordination HQs of Russia and Syria stated that the desire of the Western countries to open the ‘Al-Yarubiya’ border crossing point is related to the possibility of an arms transit to the Kurdish forces, and to the possible export of the hydro-carbon resources by the US-controlled companies. «The true goals of the aggressive Western policy on the opening of the border crossing point ‘Al-Yarabiya’ in the north-east of Syria are the arms transit for the US-controlled Kurdish forces, and the export of the illegally extracted Syrian hydro-carbon resources by the US-controlled companies» — end of quote. The document underlined that it is possible to import weapons, drugs, terrorists, and even the coronavirus infection into the nearby countries via that border crossing point.

4 The USA

The US Special Envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, stated during a video conference, organized by the Hudson Institute, that Washington offered to Russia some diplomatic ways to distance themselves from their partners in Damascus and Tehran. James Jeffrey specified that Moscow is, allegedly, «dissatisfied with the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad.» However, according to him, Russia «doesn’t see an alternative» to the cooperation with the Syrian authorities, since Russia is «directly interested in Syria». Russia is investing in the economic recovery of Syria where some Russian forces are being stationed by an invitation of the Syrian authorities.

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