Attack on Saudi Arabia


1 Saudi Arabia

The Saudi mass media reported, while citing the official representative of the command of the Arabian coalition, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, that on Friday the coalition forces in Saudi Arabia managed to destroy incoming UAVs that were allegedly sent at the civilian facilities located in the cities of Abha and Khamis Mushait. According to al-Maliki — the drones were launched by the rebel movement Ansar Allah.

2 Syria

The Russian and Turkish military conducted an another joint patrol in the most remote Syrian province — Hasakah. The Russian military police used IVFs and the armored cars ‘Tiger’. The Turkish forces used the APCs ‘Kirpi’. The joint patrol was carried out with the air support from Russian Mi-8 and Mi-35 helicopters. It lasted for 4 hours.

3 the USA — China

On Friday, the US president Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. They discussed the new corona-virus and its swift spread over the world. Donald Trump called the conversation to be «good.» “China has made great advances in understanding of the virus. We work closely together” — Donald Trump tweeted after the conversation. The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that during the conversation, Xi Jinping asked Donald Trump to protect the Chinese students, living in the USA, due to the escalation of the epidemic of the new corona-virus.

4 France — the USA — Russia

The French President Emmanuel Macron stated on Twitter that he is preparing an important international initiative to fight the spread of the new corona-virus. The French president announced it after a telephone conversation with Donald Trump. Macron also had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, on Thursday. The Kremlin’s press service reported that the presidents informed each other about the measures introduced in Russia and France to counter-act the spread of the new corona-virus infection, in order to minimize the negative socio-economic consequences.

5 Russia — Italy

The Russian Embassy in Italy called the publications of the newspaper ‘La Stampa’ on the Russian aid, aimed to fight the new corona-virus epidemic, to be “incorrect and misinforming». The Russian Ambassador to Italy, Sergei Razov, said so to the editor-in-chief of the ‘La Stampa’. The statement was published on Friday, in the electronic version of the newspaper. Sergei Razov suggested to ask the residents of the city of Bergamo about the usefulness of the Russian assistance, since the Russian specialists work in that city. He also explained why the Russian military was sent to Italy: “The representatives of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological defense troops are the most mobile and experienced specialists, who have worked in various regions of the world. They can effectively assist in the diagnosis and the treatment of patients, as well as in carrying out the necessary disinfection measures”. Earlier, the Italian newspaper ‘La Stampa’ published an article in which the newspaper called the Russian aid to be “useless.”

6 Ukraine

The negotiations of the contact group, aimed to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine, lasted for 10 hours as a video-conference. They ended without results. The Russian envoy, Boris Gryzlov, said at the end of the meeting that Kiev disrupted the approval of new sites for the withdrawal of military forces, blocked the decision of the contact group, and refused to follow the previous agreements. Boris Gryzlov underlined that the Ukrainian troops, during all this time, did not stop their intensive shelling on the front-line areas. The next meeting of the contact group is planned for 8th of April. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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