Breaking News, 10th of August, 2018


Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria with a reference to SANA agency and references to medical organizations that work for the World Health Organization: The fighting intensified in the province of Idlib, and it could lead to the resettlement of over 700,000 people. Currently, the provision of medical care in the province of Idlib is limited due to security concerns. Reporters of ANNA NEWS believe that the intensification of hostilities in this war zone can lead to a big need for humanitarian assistance, especially in the medical matters.

Talal Abu-Zarifa, a member of the political party of »Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine» announced that an agreement of ending the hostilities had been reached between Israel and the terrorists of the Gaza Strip. The parties managed to negotiate a truce with a help of Cairo. The truce begins at midnight, RIA NEWS reports. Israeli representatives reject the fact of an agreement itself, Tass reports. However, it should be noted that Israel, in such cases, almost always denies the facts of having agreements with those whom they consider to be terrorists.

The Iraqi military destroyed a group of ISIS terrorists in the desert areas of Anbar province. As a result of the special operation — 14 terrorists and 4 vehicles were destroyed. The military operation took place south of the city of Rutba, where the military found and destroyed three shelters of the terrorists.

The Syrian army shelled the positions of the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and Jaysh al-Islam groups in the north of the province of Hama. According to the army press service — the positions and infrastructure of jihadists in the settlements of Al-Dargui and Al-Aleivi were hit. The terrorists respond with shelling of the army’s positions in the area of the city of Mahardah.

The Syrian army is continuing their military operation against ISIS in the province of Suwayda, as a result of which — the army managed to suppress the terrorists near the settlement of al-Qura, and advance to their main stronghold in the area — the city of al-Safa. According to the pro-government media reports — the terrorists began leaving al-Safa, and started retreating into the desert.

The military destroyed a drone that was launched in the part of Latakia province that is under control of the illegal armed formations. According to the reporters of ANNA NEWS, currently located in the air base Khmeimim — the UAV flew towards the airbase. The drone was destroyed at a distance from the airbase by AA guns. »There were no injured people or material damage. The Russian air base Khmeimim is operating as usual.» — the message says.

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