Breaking News, 11th of July, 2018


Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria — Russian Navy announced training exercises involving cruise missiles off the coast of Syria from 11th to 12th of July. The area between the Syrian coast and Cyprus will be closed on these days. Cruise missiles »Caliber-NK» will be launched during the exercises by about 10 warships of the Russian Mediterranean Navy. Military sources report that these exercises are timed to coincide with the NATO summit in Brussels this week. On 16th of July, a meeting will be held between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, during which the events in Syria will be discussed.

A US State Department spokesman accused Iran of using its embassies as a diplomatic cover for terrorist attacks, Interfax reported. According to the spokesman, «the most recent example was the conspiracy uncovered by the Belgians — an Iranian diplomat from the embassy in Austria participated in an attempted bomb attack against the congress of the leaders of the Iranian opposition in Paris.» — said the spokesman and added that »the US call on all countries to carefully watch what the diplomats in the Iranian embassies are doing in order to ensure their own security.»

The Greek authorities decided to send out two Russian diplomats, another two were banned from entering Greece. The diplomats were accused of interfering in the internal affairs and national security of the Greece, the newspaper Kathimerini reported on Wednesday. According to the publication — Greece accused Russian diplomats in bribing the officials, collecting and spreading information, including such sensitive internal problem as the agreement between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia regarding the name of the state.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria. Conditions for the return of Syrian refugees to their homes have been created in most of the country. The terrorist groups continue to surrender their weapons. »One tank, six AA guns, four ATGMs, as well as ammo for tanks, artillery, rocket launchers, AA guns, plus land mines and hand grenades were given up in one day. «- report the reporters. So far the terrorist groups in Syria surrendered 11 tanks and 5 IFVs.

The Russian Navy intends to begin the construction of a large amphibious ship of a new project in 2021. The landing craft of the new project will be roughly the same size as the »Ivan Gren», project 11711. At the same time, the new ships will receive new weapons and equipment, their seaworthiness will be improved.

Crimea is preparing to celebrate the Russian Navy Day. The drivers of the Navy IFVs, belonging to the Black Sea Fleet, are conducting the training for the Navy Day. Specifically, they conduct practical exercises on both natural onshore simulation model, simulating an actual amphibious landing ship, and directly from the large landing ships that will participate in the celebration of the Navy Day in Sevastopol. The landing from the big landing ships will be done by the representatives of a separate brigade of the Marine Corps of the Black Sea Fleet.

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