Breaking News, 12th of July, 2018


Syrian air defense forces repelled a missile attack of the Israeli Air Forces in the province of Quneitra, on the border between the two countries, SANA news agency reported. It is noted that some material damage was caused by the attack. The Israeli military confirmed the strike while noting that it was performed as a response to the invasion in the Israeli airspace by a Syrian drone that was shot down over Israeli territory.

Ukrainian troops fired at the positions of the LPR once over the past day. This was reported in the defense department of the Republic. The village of Sokolniki was shelled with IFV weaponry.

In the DPR, over the past day, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire 2 times. the village of Golmovsky, north to Gorlovka, and the village of Belaya Kamenka in the Telmanovsky district were under attack. Grenade launchers and small arms were used during the shelling.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria. The Russian military continues humanitarian activities in the provinces of Deraa and Suwayda. The Russians force the terrorists to cease fire while providing help to the locals that support the Syrian government. During the routine humanitarian action, the Russian military was met with a rather strong desert storm. The storm passed near the vehicle column, following it at a distance of about 300 meters. Later that day, as the result of the conducted humanitarian action, the locals received fresh water, flour, rice, sugar and canned food.

Petr Poroshenko, during an attempt of gaining sympathy among the Ukrainian nationalists, provoked a serious scandal with Poland that is threatening Ukraine with a loss of territories. Andrzej Duda visited Ukraine to honor the memory of Poles who suffered from Ukrainian aggression during the Volyn events. The Ukrainian president decided to visit Poland to honor the memory of Ukrainian nationalists whose actions caused the Volyn events in the first place. This action of Petr Poroshenko led Ukrainian relations with Poland to the brink of a diplomatic scandal, and it gave energy to the supporters of the idea of the »restitution of eastern creeds».

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus, on the proposal to ban the St. George’s ribbon, responded that »there were, are, and will be no problems» with wearing Guards badges in the country. Currently, the ban on St. George’s ribbon exist in Ukraine. Kiev earlier also banned the use of the term of «Great Patriotic War», explaining that it is allegedly «propagandistic». The so-called decommunization policy continues in Ukraine — the cities and streets are being renamed in large numbers. The old monuments are being demolished.

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