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The leaders of the Russian political factions, and the chairman of the state parliament Vyacheslav Volodin, introduced today a bill that provides retaliatory actions against the anti-Russian sanctions of the United States. Volodin explained that «the bill was made as a response to the challenges from the United States of America, their officials, their unfriendly and unconstructive actions, their sanctions against both Russia as a whole and its citizens and its legal entities.» TASS reports.

The United States are ready to spend $ 2 billion on the further development of missile technologies. USA plans to improve the guided missile weapons, increase their range, and also expand the capabilities of air defense systems. Such statement was made by the US Army contract management. Experts note that the United States have been trying to increase the range and accuracy of their missiles for several decades, but today US missile technologies are inferior to those in Russia.

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Rasmussen, after the meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that Denmark is not capable of hindering the construction of the «Nord Stream-2», but has the opportunity to slow down the implementation of the project. According to him, Denmark can prevent the laying of the pipe near the island of Bornholm, in which case the route of the gas pipeline will be changed to the direction of international waters, which don’t not need permissions. From the point of view of the Danish leadership however, it would be optimal if negotiations with Russia, regarding on the construction of the gas pipeline, were conducted by the European Commission, and not by individual EU states, Rasmussen added.

Tagansky court in Moscow decided to immediately block the messenger »Telegram» in Russia, due to the refusal to provide the FSB with the keys of decryption of messages. Earlier, the court refused to postpone the meeting on the blocking of Telegram, as requested by lawyers representing the interests of Telegram. Russian censorship committee »Roskomnadzor» previously also asked the court to immediately block the messenger, if the suit of the department is satisfied.

British scientists, apparently, never spoke with the chemist Vil Mirzoyanov. Vil insists that the poison «Novichok» could not cause any harm to Yulia and Sergei Skripals in the wet British weather. The usage of the poison «Novichok» is such conditions of high humidity makes its practically meaningless. In an interview with the radio station «Kommersant FM» he explained that the main disadvantage of the poison is high hydro-vulnerability. Which makes it an unstable substance. According to Vil Mirzoyanov, the poison can only be sustained in the absence of humidity. Reminder that during the 4th of March, the day of the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, there was a fog in Salisbury.

In the DPR, over the past day, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire agreement 45 times, firing about 1,000 shells at the Republic. The Ukrainian army continues to hit the northern and western areas of Donetsk, as well as its suburbs. The areas around Yasinovatoy, Gorlovka, and Dokuchaevsk settlements in the south of DPR were also under fire. Yesterday, during the rescue of children from a burning school bus in the village of Zaitsevo one DPR soldier was killed.

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