Breaking News, 13th of May, 2018


An unknown person attacked the passers-by with a knife in the center of Paris. According to preliminary data, two people were killed and several were injured. It is reported that the attacker was killed by the police. The incident occurred in the central district of Paris Opera. Eyewitnesses reported a panic. The motives of the attacker are unknown. The details of the incident are being clarified.

Russian military police has began patrolling the southern areas of Damascus that were recently liberated from the terrorists. Military police patrols the areas of Beit Sahm, Sidi-Mikdat, Babbila and Yalda. Foot soldiers and army vehicles are being used to sustain the order on the main streets. Observation posts were also established in the area. The Russian military police units are on their duty around the clock.

As a result of three attacks on churches in Indonesia, at least eight people were killed, dozens were injured. The first attack occurred in the Catholic Church of Santa Maria during the Sunday Mass. It killed four people and injured 38, including police officers. The explosion was caused by a suicide bomber disguised as a parishioner. The second explosion happened in the Christian church of Diponegoro. Two people died. Two more people were the victims of the explosion in the Christian church of Pantecost. ISIS took the responsibility for all attacks.

This morning, a group of terrorists attacked the financial department of the customs in the city of Jalalabad (Nangarhar province, Afghanistan). Before the attack, a suicide bomber blew himself up before the entering of the building. As a result of the explosion, 6 people were killed and 20 were injured. After the explosion, a group of terrorists began storming the building. The clashes between the attackers and the security forces are still continuing. Local media reports that there were four explosions in the area. The governor of the province, Atahullah Hogiyani, confirmed the fact of the three explosions and guessed that perhaps it was indeed a coordinated attack. None of the local terrorist groups took responsibility for the attacks yet.

The construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline does not meet the interests of Europe, said the European Commissioner for Competition Margret Vestager. According to her, the EU has a «common strategy» of getting energy «from different sources.» This strategy should allow the countries of Europe «to not depend on Russia so much» explained Vestager. «This includes, among other things, security interests» — TASS quotes her words.

Ukrainian forces fired at LPR positions seven times over the past day. The areas of settlements Kalinovo, Zhelobok and Znamenka were hit. Artillery, mortars of various caliber, grenade launchers and small arms were used in the shelling. In the DPR, during the same period, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire regime 33 times, firing more than 1015 shells at the front-line territories of the Republic. Shirokaya Balka, Zaitsevo, Mikhailovka, Ozerianovka, local Volvo Center, towns of Spartak, Vasilievka, Dokuchaevsk, and southern villages of the Republic were under fire.

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