Breaking News, 14th of July, 2018


In Britain, a supporter of the ISIS was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. According to «Interfax», which referred to »Sky News» — the man was preparing a murder of the son of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, George. In order to spread his ideas, the unemployed web designer Husnain Rashid used a secret chat in Telegram. He published the name and the address of the school where George is studying. Husnain Rashid also made calls for attacks on George and other members of the royal family. Husnain Rashid prepared a whole guide for lone terrorists called «The Lone Mujahideen.»

The leader of the democratic minority in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, demanded that Donald Trump must cancel the meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki because of the latest statement by US Attorney General Robert Mueller about Moscow’s «interference» in the American elections. Chuck Schumer demanded that the meeting must be postponed until «Russia takes clear and transparent steps to prove that they will not interfere in the future elections» — end of quote.

The Israeli Air Forces launched a missile strike tonight against Hamas facilities in the south of the Gaza Strip. The aircraft attacked a terrorist tunnel and military facilities all over the enclave. The Gaza Strip reacted on the actions of Israel by returning fire.

The company «Naftogaz of Ukraine», during the negotiations with Russia with the participation of the European Union, proposed to ensure the transit of natural gas on its territory after 2019, the company’s chief commercial director Yuri Vitrenko announced. According to him, Ukraine insists that Gazprom must operate on its territory by the same rules as in Europe. «This applies to everything: the tariffs for gas transit, the capacity bookings, and data exchange.» According to Vitrenko, this will eliminate the debate regarding whether or not the proposals from the Ukrainian side are unfounded.

A spokeswoman of the White House, Sarah Sanders, confirmed that despite the special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s statement about Moscow’s «interference» in the US elections, a Russian-American summit, that will host a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, will indeed take place as planned on 16th of July in Helsinki. Sarah Sanders underlined that the decision to hold the summit remains in force.

Over the past day, Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 4 times. The villages of Sokolniki and Zhelobok in the DPR were hit. The village of Trudovskie, the district of the »Volvo Center» near the city of Donetsk, Dokuchaevsk, and also the village Leninskoye in the south of the DPR were also under attack.

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