Breaking News, 14th of October, 2018


On 15th of October the foreign ministers of the EU countries will introduce new sanctions against Russia at a meeting of the EU Council in Luxembourg. The restrictive measures are related to the “Case of Skripals”, and they will concern those who are responsible for the use and distribution of chemical weapons. The sanctions will include restrictions on entry into the EU countries and freezing of foreign bank accounts of the «leaders of the Russian intelligence agencies and their closest associates.» The initiative to introduce new sanctions was made by the UK and France.

The Pentagon denies that the US coalition used white phosphorus in Syria. The Pentagon spokesman, Sean Robertson, said that the international coalition «delivers only reasonable strikes» while using «weapon systems that comply with the rules of warfare.» Yesterday it was reported that the international coalition used the banned substance in several areas of the settlement of Hajin in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor.

The government of Ingushetia agreed on the extension of the protest in the center of Magas for 2 days, not 10 as the organizers requested. The authorities explained their decision with the cultural and sporting events that will start in the republic from 18th of October — numerous delegations from different regions of Russia, including Moscow, are expected to arrive in Ingushetia. A day-and-night protest rally against the agreement on the borders between Ingushetia and Chechnya has been taking place in Magas since 4th October. The number of protesters at different times went from 100 to more than 10,000 people.

Donald Trump invited the bride of the journalist Jamal Hashkadzhi, who disappeared at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, to the White House. Donald Trump gave his invitation during a meeting with pastor Andrew Brunson, who was freed from Turkey. The bride stated that she would consider the invitation if the US help her find out what happened to her fiancé. The US Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate demanded tough response from Donald Trump to the alleged murder of the journalist in the consulate of Saudi Arabia. The senators raised the issue of banning the sale of the American weapons to Saudis. Donald Trump has 120 days to decide whether to impose sanctions on Riyadh.

In Moscow, on night of 13th of October, a wooden church built in honor for the Icon of the Mother of God, named “Softener of Evil Hearts”, was set on fire, as well as the Sunday school on Kamov Street. The CCTV cameras filmed a man at 03:50 in the morning that poured a bottle of some liquid on the walls of the buildings and then set them on fire. Due to the fact that the local watchman called the fire brigade on time — the main building was not damaged. Two class rooms of the Sunday school and an extension to the church were completely destroyed. The police opened a criminal case on the deliberate destruction of property.

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