Breaking News, 15th of July, 2018


British Prime Minister Theresa Mei urged the British people to overcome their differences and unite around her plan to exit the European Union. She wrote about this in her article in The Mail on Sunday: «My message to the country this weekend is simple: we need not to take our eyes off the goal. If we do not do this, then the Brexit might not take place at all». Theresa Mei underlines that there is no alternative to her plan. Her strategy, as she said, would restore the national sovereignty of Britain, and put an end to «huge payments» to Brussels, and it will give Britain an independent trade policy. «And now I want to tell to all the British people what I said to Donald Trump on Friday: I’m going to Brussels not to trade our national interests; I am going to defend them. I will fight for our Brexit deal — because this is the right deal for Britain» — Theresa May wrote in the article. The government plan for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union was adopted at a special meeting on 6th of July. However, Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and special Brexit Minister David Davis felt that the plan for the future Brexit was too soft and they resigned in protest.

The head of the US Department of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen announced on Saturday that Russia is trying to disunite Americans through social networks. «The intelligence service noticed Russian persistent attempts to use social networks, expressions of sympathizers and other approaches to sow the discord and cause disunity among the Americans, but this does not necessarily focus on individual politicians or political campaigns» — the minister explained. At the same time, Kirsten Nielsen underlined that US intelligence has no evidence suggesting that Russia wants to influence the 2018 midterm elections «on the same scale and with the same scope as it operated in 2016.» Moscow has repeatedly refuted statements about attempts to sow discord among the Americans.

The official representative of the Hamas movement, Fauzi Barhoum, announced a cease-fire with Israel after the exchange of fire in Saturday. «The efforts of many parties that took place since the beginning of the Israeli strikes on Gaza were successful, allowing us to stop the escalation» — Fauzi Barhoum wrote in Facebook, while mentioning the help from Egypt. The Palestinian militants launched almost 200 rockets at Israel over the past day. During the retaliatory strikes, the Israeli air forces destroyed several dozen targets.

A couple of hours after the declaration of the ceasefire, the Israeli military reported about two mortar shells striking the territory of Israel from the Gaza Strip. «After reports of the sounding siren from the Eshkol regional council — two mortar shells were fired from Gaza. In response, the Israeli Defense Forces destroyed the launcher from which mortar shells were fired» — the message says on Twitter. Yesterday’s confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians was the largest for the last four years.

On Saturday, a car bomb exploded in the center of Mogadishu, in Somalia, near the presidential palace. As a result of the explosion, at least 10 people were killed. The police fired at a car that was moving at high speed towards the presidential palace. As a result of the shooting — the car exploded. Shortly after the explosion, a group of militants tried to break into the residence. A firefight broke out between the militants and the security forces during which three militants were killed. The terrorist group «Al-Shabab» took responsibility for the attacks.

Donald Trump announced in an interview to the British Daily Mail that he intends to participate in the presidential elections in 2020. «I am determined to participate again in the presidential elections. And, it seems, everyone wants me to do it» — the president said. At the same time Donald Trump underlined that he does not see any real opponents from the Democrats. «They do not have a suitable candidate. I know them all and I do not see any.» — he added. In June, Donald Trump’s rating as the president of the United States rose to 45%.

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