Breaking News, 15th of September, 2018


The Central Bank of Russia guessed more substantial raise of prices and a fall in GDP in 2019 in a risky scenario that could happen if a set of negative factors, such as significant expansion of foreign trade restrictions, weak macroeconomic situation in the developing countries and an increase in capital outflows from them, as well as the risks of further sanctions against Russia, Interfax reported. In addition, the Central Bank of Russia takes into account the term of the agreement with Ukraine that expires soon, as well as the «uncertainty» in the situation with the «Nord Stream-2», which «creates risks for the export of natural gas in the future.»

The Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia, Mger Grigoryan, suggested that the Eurasian Economic Union should abandon dollar, and replace it with the single currency of the Eurasian Economic Union. He noted that economic integrations and unions can’t give a full-fledged effect when they do not have a single currency, and the members of the union have to use the «currency of another union or another country». Grigoryan pointed to the «obvious importance of this process »which «will be quite active» RIA NEWS reports.

Strict US sanctions against Iran and the countries that maintain trade relations with Iran will come into force on 4th of November, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday. He noted that 4th of November «will be an important day.» At the same time, Pompeo said that many countries around the world are already slowing down their business in Iran before this day. «I think that they understand not only the seriousness of the US sanctions, but also that they support the harmful actions of Iran, which President Trump is constantly talking about» — the US Secretary of State added.

Secretary General of the Organization of the American States, Luis Almagro, does not rule out the possibility of a military invasion in Venezuela, RIA NEWS reports. He announced it during his visit to the Colombian city of Cucuta that currently has a difficult situation with Venezuelan refugees. He also added that the situation in Cucuta demonstrates «the falsity of the Venezuelan dictatorship». The UN currently counted 2 millions of refugees from Venezuela, of which about a million are in Colombia.

Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onufriy announced that he is not going to meet with the exarchs appointed by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople. He said that one of the exarchs is negotiating with the so-called Kyiv Patriarchate and «Patriarch» Filaret, the other — with the «Metropolitan» Makarii and «Ukrainian autocephalous Orthodox Church,» TASS reports. Onuphrius explained that he would not meet with the exarchs, since they appeared in Ukraine without the blessing of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. But the Ukrainian Church intends to see «how the events develop».

The acting head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, announced that the assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko was carried out by the Ukrainian special services with the assistance of Western special services. He said that thanks to the results of the investigation — one of the participants was detained and «gave a full breakdown and a testimony.» Given the found pieces of the explosive device — it is clear that high technologies were used for the explosion, which the Ukrainian special services haven’t applied thus far. «This gives us an understanding that this terrorist attack was committed with the help of Western special services» — Pusilin said. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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