Breaking News, 17th of April, 2018


Ukrainian forces fired at the LPR positions five times over the past day. Lugansk, villages Kalinovka, Kalinovo and Logvinovo were under attack. Artillery, mortars, IFV weapons, grenade launchers and small arms were used in the shelling. The artillery strike against Lugansk happened tonight — the area in which the military equipment, prepared for the Victory Day parade on 9th of May, was the main target. The fire came the village of Makarovo.

The British submarine wasn’t able to participate in the military operation against Syria because it was forced to maneuver during the ‘confrontation’ with Russian submarines, Times reports with citing its own sources. The newspaper reports that the British »Astute» class submarine, armed with cruise missiles, «played cat and mouse» in the Mediterranean sea with one or, possibly, two Russian submarines. As a result, the British submarine could not hit the targets.

Yemeni insurgents-husits launched another rocket attack on the territory of Saudi Arabia. The rebels seemingly aimed at the military of the kingdom, in the border province of Najran. This is the fourth attack of the rebels lately. There were no reports of damage of the targeted areas yet.

Flight tests of the first Ukrainian helicopter were conducted in Zaporozhye region. The helicopter SMB-2 («Nadia») is a modified version of the Soviet Mi-2 helicopter. The old-new helicopter consists of 70% of composite materials and an engine made by »Motor Sich» company. Whether or not the helicopter will be armed wasn’t reported yet. «We built a heliport and we certified this site the other day, and got a certificate for it.» — said Vyacheslav Boguslayev, the chief designer of the company »MOTOR Sich», which is engaged in the creation of the helicopter.

The Constitutional Court of Russia has allowed the students of the magistracy to receive a deferment from conscription to the mandatory military service, RIA News reports. «It has no objective justification and puts them in an unequal position if the restriction of the right of citizens who have received a delay due to reaching the age of eighteen years before the end of the secondary general education institution, to postpone the conscription to the army while they are in the magistracy, when such a right is granted to citizens who form one category with them. This is inconsistent with the constitutional principles of equality and justice, and does not comply with the Russian Constitution.» — the statement explained.

Syrian news agency SANA reports that in the Syrian city of Dumayr, northeast of Damascus, militants of the terrorist group «Jaysh al-Islam» began giving up their weapons. «The surrender of heavy and medium-sized weapons began as part of the implementation of the agreement between the Syrian state and the fighters of »Jaysh al-Islam» in Dumayr.» — RIA «News» quotes the «SANA» agency. About a thousand militants will leave the city, and head to Jarabulus in the north of Aleppo.

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