Breaking News, 17th of May, 2018


The European Union summit decided to support the deal with Iran and protect European enterprises from the actions of the United States, French President Emmanuel Macron announced. According to him, the EU also insists on the unconditional withdrawing of American customs duties imposed on Europe, Tass reports. At the same time, Emmanuel Makron noted that the nuclear agreement with Iran should be expanded and include the matter of ballistic missiles and questions about the role of Tehran in the region.

Ukrainian forces fired at the LPR positions nine times over the past day. Lugansk, Kalinovo, Lozovoye, Nizhne Lozovoe, Logvinovo, Kalinovka and Zhelobok were under attack. Artillery, mortars of various caliber, weaponry of infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms were used in the shelling.

In the DPR, over the past day, Ukrainian troops have violated the ceasefire regime 31 times. Gorlovka, Donetsk, Yasinovatoy, Dokuchaevsk and the southern villages of the Republic were under fire. MLRS, artillery, mortars, various types of grenade launchers, armored vehicles and small arms were used in the shelling. Last night, the Ukrainian troops attacked the Donetsk filtering station, using multiple MLRS »Grad», 40 rockets in total were used. The night before that event, a civilian was killed as a result of the shelling of the village of Golmovsky by Ukrainian artillery. In the village of Zaitsevo a man was injured as well.


The missile cruiser of the Northern Fleet «Marshal Ustinov» went to the exercises in the Barents Sea. The main task of the crew of the cruiser will be checking the main missile system in action. The crew will perform the tasks of launching a missile strike on the hypothetical enemy warships, as well as conduct training of the survivability of the onboard weaponry and technical assets during an active combat with the enemy. After fulfilling the combat training tasks — the missile cruiser will return to the main base of the Northern Fleet — Severomorsk.


The Russian hypersonic missile system «Avangard» can be put in active service by 2020, Interfax reports with a reference to CNBC. According to US intelligence services, Russia conducted two successful tests of the «Avangard » back in 2016. The missile system has the ability to overcome the latest missile defense systems. It is highly maneuverable and unpredictable, and its speed can be five times faster than the speed of sound.

Today, in the city of Sevastopol, the competitive screening of films participating in the 16th International Festival of Documentary Films and TV programs «WON TOGETHER» has started. ANNA-News Agency presented its own film «Aleppo. Earthquake». The film covers the events starting from 2012 to the present day. It contains the work of the military reporters that filmed both on the frontline and in the rear of the events, and the on-going bloody drama. The geography of the film is extensive, and it contains each significant event of the war.

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